Lunch Specials

Veg Manchurian

Veg manchurian is a vegetarian indo-chinese dish in which shredded vegetables are formed to balls and fried until crisp. These are tossed in a dark red, spicy, sweet, tangy & umami manchurian sauce.


Veg Noodle

Vegetable noodles is a healthy chinese inspired dish where cooked noodles are stir fried with lots of vegetables. Further the dish is seasoned with a splash of sauces, vinegar and black pepper to up the taste and flavours.


Chicken Noodles

Chicken noodles is a healthy chinese inspired dish where cooked noodles are stir fried with skin off bone less thigh fillets & vegetables. Further the dish is seasoned with a splash of sauces, vinegar, & black pepper to up the taste and flavours.


Veg Fried Rice

Originating in greater China, veg fried rice is now loved by people everywhere around the world. It is one of the interesting ways to blend vegetables, rice and chicken and create a healthy, filling, and enjoyable meal


Chicken Fried Rice

Originating in greater China, chicken fried rice is now loved by people everywhere around the world. It is one of the interesting ways to blend vegetables, rice & chicken and create a healthy, filling, & enjoyable meal


Chole Bhature

Bhatura is a North Indian deep fried bread made with a leavened dough of all purpose flour, yogurt, salt & a leavening agent. Portion of the leavened dough is rolled to flat oval or round shaped discs & deep fried to perfection. The rolled portion of dough puffs up beautifully as soon as it hits the hot oil & turns crispy & served with chickpea curry.


Dahi Bhalla

Lentil dumplings soaked in sweet yogurt, tamarind, mint sauce and served with crispy pappari and fresh coriander. Finished with chefs special chat masala.


Asees Special Thali (Dine In Only)

Asees special thali - 2 Veg + 2 Non veg + Rice + Plain / Garlic naan + salad + Gulab jamun


Veg Thali (Dine In Only)

3 Veg curry + Salad + Plain naan / Garlic naan + Rice


Non-Veg Thali (Dine In Only)

3 Non-veg curry + Salad + Plain / Garlic naan + Rice


*For Thali - Any Other Naan $2 Extra

Additional naan available for $2.

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Naan Breads


Flattened plain flour bread with applied butter on.



Wholemeal bread.



Flattened plain flour bread topped up with fresh chopped garlic and coriander.



Plain white flour bread topped with chilli flakes and fresh coriander



Laccha paratha is crispy flaky multi layered whole wheat flat bread made with simple unleavened dough.



The naan dough stretched in round shape & then apply the butter on it & fold in triangle shape, stretch again to give a triangle shape & cooked in clay oven.



Keema naan traditionally is a spiced ground lamb meat that is bundled up in naan bread and cooked in tandoor oven.



Made with whole wheat flour, mixed vegetables, spices & herbs.



Plain white flour bread stuffed with dried fruits and nuts



Soft & fluffy cheese stuffed naan bread filled with shredded cheese, topped up with fresh garlic & coriander & cooked in tandoor.


Cheese Naan

Soft & fluffy cheese stuffed naan bread filled with shredded cheese.



Soft and fluffy cheese stuffed naan bread filled with shredded cheese & fresh chopped baby spinach.

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kids menu


Our mango chicken with a side of rice & plain naan bread or chips to accompany.



Kids' favorite; our famous butter chicken with a side of rice & plain naan bread or chips to accompany.

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Veg Entree


Short crust pockets filled with potatoes, peas, spices, herbs and then deep fried until golden brown served with mint sauce.Samosa is one of the most commonly eaten snacks across India and ours is made from scratch.



"Deep fried, crispy onion & spinach fritters. Sliced onions and chopped spinach are coated in a well balanced besan flour gram or chickpea flour batter infused with dry spices and fresh aromatics. Served with house made tamarind sauce. "



Samosa / aloo tikki chaat is a lip-smacking chaat made with samosa, chickpea curry, Sweet yogurt, mint sauce, tamarind sauce & seasoned with Indian herbs.



Aloo tikki is a very popular snack indigenous to the Indian subcontinent. In Hindi, Aloo means “potato” and tikki means “patties or cutlet”. Made with boiled & mashed potatoes, spices & herbs, these Indian style potato patties are shallow fried or pan fried to perfection until crisp, served with sweet yogurt, mint sauce and tamarind sauce.


VEGETABLE PLATTER (Minimum For 2 People)

Best 3 type of vegetarian appetiser for Indian street food lovers, which is samosa, onion bhaji & spring roll (2 pcs) each served with mint sauce.



Spring roll is a traditional chinese savory snack of crispy, crunchy rolls filled with a savory mix of vegetable stuffing served with sweet chilly sauce.



"Paneer tikka is a North Indian appetizer where chunks of paneer are marinated in spiced yogurt and grilled in a tandoor, a traditional clay oven. The term paneer refers to Indian cottage cheese and tikka translates to chunks of grilled meat, or a vegetarian option, in this case it is the paneer. "


Pappdi Chaat

"Papdi chaat is a popular Indian street food where crispy papdi (crackers of plain flour ) are topped with an assortment of toppings like chopped potatoes, onions, fresh coriander and with sweet yoghurt, mint sauce, tamarind sauce and fresh herbs which gives this dish a sourness, sweet and spicy taste. "

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Tandoori Entree

Tandoori Chicken (GF) Half

Skinless whole chicken is slashed to bone in several places helping the overnight marination of yogurt, lemon juice & spices to penetrate and then cooked in tandoori clay oven. Our chefs speciality served with mint sauce and onion salad


Tandoori Chicken (GF) Full

Skinless whole chicken is slashed to bone in several places helping the overnight marination of yogurt, lemon juice & spices to penetrate and then cooked in tandoori clay oven. Our chefs speciality served with mint sauce and onion salad



These tandoori lamb cutlets are warming, aromatic, succulent and flavourful. marinated in a spicy tandoori marinade and cooked in clay oven with charcoal until tender and succulent, served alongside with a fresh green salad and mint sauce.


Achari Chicken Tikka (4pc) (GF)

Aachari chicken is a famous North Indian dish made by blending spicy mixed pickle & fresh ginger, garlic, green chilly paste, lemon juice & mixing the chicken fillets for overnight before finishing cooking in smokey charcoal grill clay oven.


Chooza Tikka (4pc) (GF)

Chooza tikka is a popular gastronomical delight from the North Indian cuisine. Pieces of chicken fillets marinated in spiced, yogurt, threaded on a metal skewer & cooked in charcoal tandoor oven & served with our delicious mint sauce.


Lamb Seekh Kebab (4pc) (GF)

Our lamb kebabs are a delicious and juicy appetiser, that date back to the royal mughal kitchens. minced lamb meat is mixed with a host of spices, mint, ginger & garlic then arranged carefully & firmly on a skewer & cooked in coal fire in tandoor oven and they are ready to melt in your mouth.


Tandoori Prawn (5pc) (GF)

Spicy and smokey, these grilled tandoori prawns are a delicious appetizer marinated in authentic Indian spices and cooked in clay oven, serve them up with mint sauce.


Tandoori Fish (4pc) (GF)

A delicious fish recipe that gives you flaky fish bites, infused with a tantalising tandoori smoky flavour, fish fillets are coated with a chef special thick tandoori marinade and herbs, grilled in a tandoor clay oven.


Punjabi Fish (4pc) (GF)

This popular signature dish from Punjab North of India is a nice & crisp on the outside & delicious juicy inside battered with gram flour, spices, herbs & deep fried until golden brown


Garlic Butter Prawn (5 Pieces)

It is a asees’s favourite succulent crispy prawns are marinated overnight with olive oil, garlic, basil & a hint of black pepper and served soaked in the chef’s special butter sauce.


Mix Platter Entrée Non-Veg (Minimum for 2)

Three different flavoured asees’s popular appetizers in one plate which is lamb cutlet, chooza tikka and lamb seekh kebab (2 pcs) each served with mint sauce.

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Non-Vegetarian Curry


Chicken Korma is a popular mughlai dish, from the Indian sub-continent. meat is slow cooked with mughlai spices, onions, yogurt, cashews, making this dish very rich, flavourful & creamy.



Chicken Saag is a very popular dish from Punjab North of India, it is always & everyone’s favourite made with fresh spinach puree, onions, fresh ginger, garlic, home-made spices, and herbs.



Butter chicken is a classic Indian dish that’s made by simmering marinated & grilled chicken in a spicy, aromatic, buttery, and creamy tomato gravy. This delicious dish is highly popular among the region making it a nation favourite.


MADRAS CURRY (Chicken/Lamb/Beef) (GF)

Lamb Madras is an Indian curry that leaves you full but still wanting more traditionally made very spicy but we have got that just rightly balanced for you with coconut cream a rich, creamy and spicy curry bursting with flavours, makes it a favorited curry world wide.



An indo-chinese fusion with chicken fillets fried with crispy coating and then tossed in a chilly garlic chefs special sauce. Usually served semi dry.



Chicken tikka masala is a classic curried dish with soft tender chunks of char-grilled chicken, simmered briefly in a delicious and super aromatic tikka masala sauce with fresh chunks of onion and capsicums.



This dish is prepared with fresh methi leaves fenugreek & chicken simmered in a rich, creamy gravy. The bitter taste of the methi leaves complements the chicken well. The cream helps to balance the bitterness, giving the dish its rich flavour texture.



Chicken fillets cooked in sweet and fruity mango pulp & finished with cream & cardamom powder giving it a rich tropical & sweet texture.



Bhuna is a classic North Indian dish of chicken with meat stir fried & slow cooked in a spicy & fragrant bhuna masala. tender pieces of protein is roasted with capsicum, onions, tomatoes in a thick bottom pan to seal in all natural aromatics making it a finger licking dish

$ C 23.99/ L $25.99


Chettinad cuisine is the cuisine from the chettinad region of tamil nadu state in South India. This fiery chicken curry has aromatic flavours of fresh curry leaves, dry red chillies, ground spices chettinad masala, onion, tomatoes & coconut.


Goat Curry (On Bone)

Goat curry is a one pot dish where goat meat is marinated & cooked with plenty of spices, herbs, fresh ginger & garlic, onions, tomatoes & yogurt making the meat melt in your mouth



Rogan dish is an Indian dish originating from the kashmir region of India with roots in persia. it is a slow cooked dish made with lamb to truly capture the essence of rogan josh, it is essential that the meat braises in its own fat & juices. Bold & aromatic spices like black cardamoms, bay leaf, cassia bark infuse the meat with flavour.

$C/L =25.99

Vindaloo/Chicken /LAMB/ BEEF

Originally from Goa, this dish features meat soaked in a mixture of wine and garlic, resulting in a spicy and aromatic delicacy.


Delhi Walla Butter Chicken (GF)

Straight from the heart of India Delhi where the dish was actually originated this smooth tangy sweet & spicy full of butter sauce is served with half a chicken breast maryland which is our signature tandoori chicken is irresistibly the best dish to encounter the old Delhi.


Desi Chicken on Bone (GF)

A chef’s special homely style chicken curry on the bone cooked in clarified butter with tomatoes: onions, dry red chillies & finished with fresh coriander and lemon juice.

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Prawns marinated in ginger & garlic simmered in fresh coconut cream, which is then finished with a shot of malibu rum for a tropical hit to those taste buds.



Prawn tikka masala is a delicious way to enjoy your favourite aquatic cuisine. Sauté bell peppers and onions with ginger, garlic & then tossed with chefs special masala sauce, finished with fresh coriander and lemon juice.



"Malabari prawn curry is a spicy seafood curry from the coastal regions of South India. succulent shrimp / fish in a coconut laced sauce which is aromatic from fenugreek seeds & tangy from tamarind. this recipe has a burst of heat from green chilies & red chili powder & deep fragrant flavor from fresh curry leaves all balanced by the sweetness of coconut milk. "



From city of panjim on konkan coast of India comes this beautiful recipe with coconut and mustard seeds which only taste can describes the best

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Vegetable Main Course


A North Indian vegetarian curry originating from Punjab, featuring a spinach purée and fresh-pressed cheese, combined with aromatic spices including ginger, garlic, and green chillies.



Authentic vegetable korma curry has a creamy cashew sauce as a base and is loaded with wholesome vegetables like potatoes, cauliflower florets, peas, beans & even carrot it packs In the perfect medley of crunch and vegetable goodness in every spoon.



A popular & delicious, creamy & flavourful vegetarian North Indian Punjabi dish where paneer cottage cheese & green peas are cooked in an onion-tomato gravy with fresh ginger, garlic & green chillies.



Diced potatoes & eggplants that have been simmered in a spiced onion tomato masala are cooked with ginger chillies and fresh coriander.



Channa masala is a North Indian curried dish made with white chickpeas, onions, tomatoes, fresh ginger, garlic, spices and herbs.



Dal tadka is a popular Indian dish where slowly cooked spiced yellow lentils are finished with a tempering made of ghee / oil, garlic, ginger and spices



Dal makhani is a popular North Indian dish where whole black lentils & red kidney beans are slow cooked with ginger, garlic, spices, butter, tomato purée & finished with fresh cream



Dal tadka is a popular Indian dish where cooked spiced yellow lentils are finished with a tempering made of ghee / oil, fresh chopped English spinach, garlic & spices



Paneer butter masala is a rich & creamy curry made with paneer cottage cheese, spices, onions, tomatoes, cashews and butter a very rich.



A North Indian dish of paneer Indian cottage cheese served in a spicy gravy known as tikka masala gravy. It is a vegetarian version of the world-famous chicken tikka masala


Soya Tikka Chaap Masala

Soya chaap, made from soya beans, served in a spicy tikka masala gravy, providing a vegetarian twist on the renowned chicken tikka masala.


Kadai Paneer (Gf)

A veggie delight paneer dish made by cooking paneer and bell peppers with fresh ground spices known as kadai masala tossed untill semi dried and finished with fresh coriander the lost recipes.


Bhindi (Okra)

Bhindi is a North Indian style dry curry recipe made by stir-frying okra with twice the amount of onions & spices. Its very popular among the vegetarian lovers.


Bombay Potatoes (Gf)

Bombay potatoes are also known as aloo bombay it is a dry potato curry in which par-boiled potatoes are tossed and sauteed in a blend of Indian spices with onion and garlic. Bombay potatoes is a popular dish in western countries.


Malai Kofta (N)

The ultimate north indian comfort food, crispy potato and paneer fried dumplings known as kofta, served with rich, creamy, luxurious and super delicious gravy.


Aloo Gobhi

Aloo gobhi is a simple indian vegetarian dish made with potatoes, cauliflower, spices and herbs.

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side dishes


Thin Indian crispy cracker or flatbread. Typically served as an appetizer to an Indian meal. It can also be eaten as a snack and can be topped with mint sauce condiments.



Raita is a side dish from Indian cuisine, made with yogurt, spices, herbs, chopped cucumbers. It is almost same as greek tzatziki



Mix pickle is made from a mix of different vegetables into a tangy & spicy pickle full of Indian spices & condiments. It includes mango, lime, green chilli,carrot, ginger & garlic.



Mango chutney is a relish made by simmering grated or chopped semi-ripe mangoes with aromatic spices and sugar or jaggery. Little amount of vinegar is added to enhance the flavour of the chutney.



Kachumber is a simple chopped salad with onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh coriander & a salt, pepper, special masala and lemon dressing.



Combination of all above side dishes.



Spanish onion rings mixed in our special tangy seasoning with fresh lemon juice & coriander.



Mixed salad of sliced cucumber, carrots, Spanish onion rings, green chilies & seasoned with fresh coriander, our special tangy seasoning & lemon juice.


Chicken Tikka Salad

Juicy tender chicken tikka are tossed in chef's special salad dressing with cucumber, carrots, onions and mixed salad leaves.


Mint Sauce

Mint sauce is mild ,falvorsome and healithy indian side dip made with fresh mint leaves and chilly , garlic ,coriander , ginger and fresh greek yoghurt .

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Rice (Per Serve/per Person)

Plain long basmati rice cooked with steam.



Biryani is one of the most amazing royal delicacies introduced to indians by the persians. It is prepared with layers of fluffy basmati rice and exquisitely spiced vegetables.

L=23.99/G=23.99/ B=23.99

Kashmiri Pulao (Per Serve/Per Person)

Kashmiri pulao is a traditional rice dish from the kashmiri cuisine,where basmati rice is cooked with saffron & lots of flavoursome broth. It is topped with ghee fried almond, cashews raisins & many more nuts.

$ 7.99
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Lunch Specials

Takeaway Lunch Box Veg

Veg - Dal Tadka+Channa Masala + Rice (Lunch Only)


Takeaway Lunch Box Non-Veg

Non-Veg - Butter Chicken + Rogan Josh + Rice (Lunch Only)


Takeaway Meal Box veg

Veg - Dal Tadka/Channa Masala + Rice (Lunch & Dinner)


Takeaway Meal Box Non-Veg

Non-Veg - Butter Chicken/Rogan Josh + Rice (Lunch & Dinner)

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