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5 Mouth Watering Authentic Indian Non-Vegetarian Dishes, One Should Must Try

Indian Non-veg Cuisines

Indian food is worldwide popular because of its unique preparation and delicious taste that spice up your taste buds. You can find a diverse range of veg and Non-veg cuisines on the Indian menu of a renowned Indian restaurant in Sydney.

As India is known for its diversity, you can find a number of non-vegetarian Indian food lovers all over the world. A variety of Non-vegetarian cuisine is famous In India, primarily based on Chicken and Goat meat.

If you crave appetising Non-veg Indian Food in Sydney, reserve your table at Asees Indian Restaurant.

5 Famous Non-Vegetarian Indian Dishes

  1. Tandoori Chicken- It is one of the all-time favourite Indian Chicken Cuisines. The tandoori Chicken is bone chicken deeply marinating with aromatic Indian spices with some yoghurt. Later the marinade Chicken is grill in an Indian-style Clay Oven (Tandoor). The Chicken is cooked on a moderate flame so the flavours of Indian spices mix with the Chicken properly.
  2. Butter Chicken- Butter chicken is a popular North Indian Cuisine. It is creamy gravy chicken, in which butter, cream, Tomatoes, and Indian spices are key ingredients for Gravy. Mainly the dish originates from Punjab, where butter is the prime ingredient for all food preparations.

Therefore, for the mouthwatering taste and Enticing Aromas that tempt Your taste buds, you should try our Butter Chicken.

  1. Roghan Josh – it is Kashmiri style, Goat or lamb base curried non-veg cuisine. The name of the dish is obtain from two words Roghan because of its eye-catching dark red colour, and Josh from the word Ghost, which means mutton or lamb meat.

It is a traditional Indian dish, loved by every mutton lover because of its lip-smacking rich flavour and rich nutrients as well.

  1. Chilli Chicken- It’s one of the unique chicken dishes of the subcontinent that has become popular Globally. The garlic and ginger overnight marinade chicken is

In which colourful veggies, including red and green bell pepper, cube-shaped onions, tomatoes, and other flavorful Indian ingredients tossed with the Chicken. The unique preparation turns the Chicken into delicious and spicy Irresistible Cuisine.

  1. Chicken korma- it is a traditional semi Gravy Mughlai chicken dish. In which creamy Gravy is made of diverse species, yoghurt, nuts, and other ingredients that Give an incredible and mouth-watering taste to Chicken. It is one of the all-time favourite dishes; in our restaurant, you can also get lamb and Goat Meat variants of Korma.

Final words!

At Asees Indian restaurant, you can find an exciting Indian food menu in which you get diverse food options. Skillful full master chefs with love and care prepare the food.

Therefore to enjoy different veg and non-veg eateries with a relaxing and fascinating ambiance, you must book your table at our restaurant.


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Everything that you need to bear in mind about the music of restaurant

Well, according to many scientific studies, it is believed that music plays a vital role in changing the mood and speed of every person. So you might have noticed that Indian restaurant in Sydney and at other places prefer to play music in order to provide a cheerful environment to their customers.

Moreover, many restaurant owners of restaurants use fast music in order to increase their sales of Indian food in Sydney and all other places. So let’s know more in-depth about the connection between music and restaurants.

5 Ways To Use Restaurant Music to Impact Sales

  • Adjust speed

This is a pretty simple trick to make people eat faster, so you can just increase the music speed slightly, and then you will notice changes instantly. However, do not play songs at too fast a speed because they can also spoil the experience of your customers.

For example, restaurants with small sitting areas often use this trick to earn more profits. On the other hand, if you keep the music speed low, then your customers will prefer to eat at average speed and will stay in the lounge longer than average time.

  • Play with volume

It is obvious that people also do not like too much loud music, but very low volume of music also makes people feel bored. And according to many studies, it has been noticed that younger people love to hear slightly louder music, and older ones prefer medium-volume music.

So either you can manage volume according to the age factor or slightly up to medium because older people visit restaurants less as compared to younger ones.

  • Keep your music choices on brand

Most importantly, you can select the type of music that can suit the overall vibe of your restaurant because it will help to create a cheerful ambiance. For example, some studies show that while listening to classical music, people go for high-end wines, and while listening to french music, they prefer to buy french wines. So with the help of these factors, you can select the best music for your restaurant.

  • Music choices according to the time of day

Volume, tempo, and genre of music should be changed according to the time of day because, at lunchtime, people feel energetic by listening to high-paced music with medium volume.

And at dinner time, slow speed music with high medium volume. So you can keep it in mind to change the type of music according to the time, and it will help to create an enjoyable and energetic environment for your customers. Additionally, it will also help to increase the number of positive feedback.

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