Unraveling the Magic of Classic Curry Varieties

Indian food is known for its rich and various flavors, and the captivating realm of curry is at the center of this culinary tapestry. Exploring the various curry variations is a journey that vows to stimulate your taste buds, whether you are a seasoned fan or new to the pleasures of Indian food. In this blog article, we will delve into the enchantment of classic curry types, bringing you on a savory journey that captures the spirit of Indian cuisine. So join us for a culinary adventure at Asees, a renowned Indian restaurant in Sydney, where authentic flavors and amazing experiences await.

  1. The Allure of Indian Curries

Curries are a significant part of Indian cooking, mixing sweet-smelling spices, splendid colors, and delicious flavors. They give a sensitive combination of sweet, salty, acidic, and spicy flavors that wait on the sense of taste.

  1. Asees: A Gateway to Indian Flavors in Sydney

Asees, a renowned Indian restaurant, embodies the pure spirit of Indian culinary talent. Asees gives a doorway to a genuine Indian dining experience with its pleasant environment and varied menu that caters to diverse palates.

  1. Butter Chicken: The Irresistible Classic

The Irresistible Classic Butter Chicken, also known as Murgh Makhani, is a well-known classic with a global following. In a velvety tomato-based sauce, this creamy and slightly spicy curry incorporates delicious pieces of tandoor-cooked chicken. This legendary meal at Asees will transport you to culinary heaven.

  1. The Fiery Delight of Vindaloo

Vindaloo is the dish for you if you like robust and spicy spices. This hot Goan dish blends aromatic spices with vinegar-marinated beef to create a fascinating explosion of flavors. A visit to Asees allows you to experience the true flavor of Vindaloo, where the cooks expertly balance the heat and intensity of this cuisine.

  1. The Royal Rajasthani Laal Maas

Laal Maas, a classic curry from the princely state of Rajasthan, exemplifies the region’s robust tastes and rustic appeal. This hot lamb curry, distinguished by its brilliant red hue, is a true treat for spice connoisseurs. A visit to Asees allows you to taste the majestic flavors of Laal Maas, taking you to the royal kitchens of Rajasthan.

  1. The Versatility of Chettinad Curry

Chettinad Curry is a mix of fragrant flavors, coconut, and cooked lentils from Tamil Nadu’s Chettinad district. This curry, known for its complex flavors and strength, can be made with different proteins. At Asees, you may enjoy the original taste of Chettinad Curry, which showcases India’s gastronomic diversity.


A culinary trip through the various curry types of Indian food in Sydney is an unforgettable experience. Whether you prefer mild and creamy flavors or the burning excitement of spice, Asees, a renowned Indian restaurant, is ready to satisfy your demands. Asees guarantees a great encounter with its commitment to authenticity and passion for delivering unforgettable dining experiences. So, step into Asees and enable your taste buds to unravel the magic of classic curry varieties that define the soul of Indian cuisine.

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Debunking the Myth that All Indian Food is Spicy

When you consider Indian food, what strikes in mind? For the vast majority, the picture of fiery-hot curries and mouth-burning spices quickly dominates. However, now is the ideal time to put any misinformation to rest. In spite of popular belief, not all Indian food is spicy. In fact, Indian cooking accompanies a wide variety of flavors and tastes that take care of different palates. Go along with us as we unravel reality and expose the myth that all Indian food is spicy.

Breaking Stereotypes:

Indian restaurants in Sydney have been at the very forefront of showcasing the real essence of Indian food. These foundations offer plenty of dishes that go beyond the thought of spiciness. The menu at an Indian restaurant is a demonstration of the huge range of flavors, textures, and aromas that Indian food brings to the table. So the next time you visit an Indian restaurant in Sydney or go over Indian food in Wollongong. From mild and fragrant dishes to fiery delicacies, there’s something to suit each taste requirement.

The Spice Spectrum:

While the facts confirm that spices play an essential part in Indian cooking, not all spices are intended to make your taste buds detonate with heat. Indian food uses a different range of spices, each with its unique flavor profile. A few spices, like cumin, coriander, and turmeric, are utilized for their sweet-smelling features, adding profundity and intricacy to the dishes. These spices add to the rich and delightful experience that Indian food is known for, without overpowering the sense of taste with extreme heat.

Regional Variations:

India is a place where there is immense cultural variety, and this variety is reflected in its culinary practices. Every district of India has its own remarkable cooking, with changing levels of spiciness. For example, the cooking of North India will in general consolidate more spices and chili peppers, bringing about dishes that are somewhat spicier contrasted with the food of South India, which zeros in more on coconut, tamarind, and subtle flavors. Investigating the regional variations of Indian food opens up a universe of spices beyond the domain of spiciness.

Mild Delights:

One misinterpretation that should be dispersed is that Indian food is exclusively spicy. Indian cooking provides an abundance of mild and delightful dishes that are ideally suited for those with a lower capacity to bear the heat. From rich and sweet-smelling spread chicken to the fragile flavors of biryani, these dishes feature the flexibility of Indian spices without overwhelming the faculties. Indian restaurants in Sydney grasp the requirement for harmony among spice and flavor, taking care of a great many clients.


The myth that all Indian food is spicy has been exposed. Indian food is a mother lode of flavors, taking care of many preferences and tastes. From mild and sweet-smelling dishes to fiery luxuries, there is something for everybody to appreciate. Experience the legitimate flavors of India at Asees, the best Indian restaurant in Sydney. So the next time makes sure that it’s not just about heat — it’s tied in with enjoying the assorted and superb flavors that this rich culinary tradition brings to the table.

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Enhance Your Vegan Dishes with Indian Tempering

If you’re a vegetarian food lover looking for vibrant flavors for your dishes, Indian Indian is your go-to choice. This culinary method, known as “tadka,” infuses vegan foods with a burst of aromatic spices, resulting in a delectable explosion of flavours. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a novice in the kitchen, including Indian spices into your vegan dishes will elevate your culinary experiences to new heights. In this article, we will delve into the art of tadka and look at how you may incorporate the rich and intriguing flavours of Indian cuisine into your vegan dishes.

  1. Understanding Tadka: The Art of Indian Tempering

Tadka is a traditional Indian cooking technique that includes infusing hot oil or ghee (clarified butter) with a blend of spices, herbs, and fragrant items. This process unleashes the spices’ flavours and smells, infusing the oil with their essence. After that, the tempered oil is poured to the dish, adding a distinct and intriguing flavour that enriches the entire flavour profile.

  1. Exploring the Versatility of Tadka in Vegan Cooking

Indian tempering has a wide range of applications for improving vegan foods. Tadka can give depth and richness to any dish, whether it’s lentils, veggies, rice, or soups and stews. The spices and herbs in the tempering mixture can be tailored to your tastes, allowing you to create a distinct flavour profile that matches the components in your vegan cuisine.

  1. Essential Ingredients for Tadka

Gather materials such as cumin seeds, mustard seeds, dried red chilli peppers, curry leaves, and asafoetida (hing) to make a real Indian tadka. These ingredients provide the tempering mixture’s foundation and contribute to its characteristic flavour. Experiment with various combinations and ratios to find the right blend for your taste.

  1. Enjoying Indian Cuisine in Sydney: Visit an Indian Restaurant

Visit an Indian Restaurant in Corrimal to experience the authentic flavours of Indian food without the trouble of preparing. Asees, a well-known Indian restaurant, serves a delightful selection of vegan dishes that highlight the vivid spices and aromatic tadka. Vegan curries, dal, biryanis, and other foods are produced by expert chefs who understand the art of Indian tempering. Immerse yourself in India’s unique tapestry of flavours and culinary pleasures in the heart of Sydney.


Tadka, or Indian tempering, is a culinary technique that can elevate your vegan recipes to new heights. By expertizing the art of tadka, you can mix your creations with the rich and fragrant kinds of Indian food. Try different spices with various herbs, spices, and tempering ingreditents to make special flavor profiles that suit your sense of taste. While you’re looking to enjoy authentic Indian food in Sydney, visit Asees, an Indian restaurant that offers a superb exhibit of veggie lover dishes ready with the mastery of Indian tempering. Embrace the kinds of tadka and embark on a culinary experience that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving for more.


7 Chutney Recipes That Will Take Your Culinary Skills to the Next Level

We prepare chutney from vegetables, fruits, as well as herbs using sugar, spices, and vinegar. Chutney is actually a spicy and gluten-free condiment that has its origin in India. We use chutney for providing balance to different types of dishes at present.
We can broadly apply the term chutney to virtually everything that is preserved in vinegar and sugar, irrespective of its consistency, ingredients, or texture. That being said, we have mentioned  Chutney Recipes that you might come across while visiting an
Indian restaurant in Wollongong these days.

  1. Tomato chutney recipe

Combine some tomatoes, chopped onions, and appropriate quantities of minced garlic, brown sugar, apple cider vinegar, granulated sugar, ground cumin, chili pepper flakes, lime juice, golden raisins, and black pepper within a 4-6 quart pot. Provide a couple of hours for cooking after boiling the stuff. Or, you might wait until it becomes moderately thickened. Make sure to store the chutney in a cool and dark place.

  1. Mint chutney recipe

To prepare this item, combine appropriate amounts of loosely packed cilantro, chopped red onion, stemmed green chilies, lemon juice, grated ginger, and chopped garlic in a food processor. After adding some salt, pour some water and blend properly to get your mint chutney.

  1. Curry Leaves Chutney

For this chutney, you will require the appropriate amounts of Kaccha Aam, Curry leaves, Mint leaves, ginger, green chili, garlic, black salt, cumin seeds, and Asafoetida. After chopping green chili, mint leaves, curry leaves, and kaccha aam add them to a grinder along with some water. Make sure to churn for some time and take out the stuff in a bowl. That’s all!

  1. Turai Ke Chilke Ki Chutney

For preparing this food item, you will need appropriate quantities of peeled kachri, Ridge gourd peels, green chilis, salt, green coriander, cumin, and asafoetida. After washing the gourd peels, make sure to chop some coriander and green chilis. Also, chop the kachri after peeling it. Add peels of kachri, gourd, green chilis, cumin, coriander, salt, and heeng to a grinder. Make it a point to make a smooth paste while adding some water. Your chutney is ready!

  1. Tamarind chutney recipe

For this, you need to dissolve some amount of tamarind concentrate in boiling water over medium heat. After adding some sugar also include ginger powder, kosher salt, ground cumin, and cayenne. Simmer after reducing the heat until you get the thickened chutney.

  1. Green chutney recipe

The ingredients of this recipe are appropriate amounts of fresh cilantro, with stems, fresh ginger, green chili, lime juice, ground cumin, salt, and chaat masala. After combining all these, blend until smooth after adding the required amount of water.


In case you like to enjoy scrumptious Indian Food in Sydney, then do not give it any second thoughts and visit Asees Indian Restaurant at the earliest. This particular eatery has been providing mouth-watering recipes in the traditional Indian style for quite some time.

It is a fact that numerous tourists and locals have already stepped inside this restaurant for satisfying their taste buds. And, the good thing is that most of them have provided positive testimonials on Asees Indian Restaurant as well.


Why is Indian Cuisine Famous in Other Countries? Types of Food in Indian Cuisine

Indian cuisine is one of the finest, which comes with various food items, flavors, and spices. The techniques to prepare the food are also authentic and complex. If you need comfort, a homely feeling, and relaxation, Indian food will provide you with all. But now Indian cuisine is not just famous around the south Asian countries but also famous and loved by countries like Australia, Especially in the city of Sydney. There are many Indian restaurants in Sydney that are open and provide the same authentic flavors as you will get in India.

Having homestyle Indian food in Sydney is no less than a blessing. Indian food comes in a wide variety of flavors and spices. There are different types of bread also there, which have their own significance. Like chapati, parantha, rumali roti, makki ki roti, missi roti, akki roti, and kuttu roti. Making of all these rotis are very different from each other.

Let’s learn about the different types of roti in Indian cuisine:


It is a plain round-shaped roti made from properly kneaded whole wheat dough. It is one of the most common types of bread in India. Indian households made these chapatis twice or thrice a day. It served gravy of cooked vegetables in spices.


It is also made with whole wheat dough. It differs from chapati because parantha includes folds and is tossed on tawa with a generous amount of ghee or oil. There are two variations of the parantha. One is plain, and another is stuffed paranthas. The stuff contains stuffing of different vegetables like gobi, onion, and potato, which were the most common of them all. Mostly they served for breakfast. In India, without a parantha, breakfast is incomplete.

Rumali roti

It is a paper-thin, soft roti made with whole wheat and refined wheat. The size of the roti is comparatively large than others. It is also served with sabzi, and you will especially get to eat this Rumali roti in Hyderabadi cuisines or in Mughlai cuisines. It is famous all over India it is specially made at festival times.

Makki ki roti

It is a part of the cuisine of Punjab. It is made from corn flour when the dough is softly kneaded with hands, tossed on tawa with desi ghee, and served with sarson ka saag. Makki ki roti is one of the most popular dishes all over Punjab. Sarson ka saag and makki ki roti are mostly made during winter and enjoyed by everybody.

Missi roti

It is another significant bread of Indian cuisine made with whole wheat and gram flour with added spice for a better taste, enjoyed with curd and white butter. It also has significance in adding nutritional value to your diet. It is very beneficial for diabetic patients as it helps control sugar levels—also a great choice for weight loss.


To enjoy such flavourful bliss of taste in your city Sydney, you can visit Asees Indian Restaurant, which provides amazing Indian food with a variety of dishes of Indian cuisine.

Indian Food

what are the vegetarian lunch options?

Have you ever tasted delicious Indian food? If not, then visit a popular Indian restaurant in Sydney and enjoy the traditional Indian food that brings you on a flavourful journey.

Indian food is renowned for its perfect use of spices. It is only spices that make Indian food more popular. There are a variety of reasons behind the popularity of Indian food, such as delectable taste, variety, and aromatic flavours. If you are looking for Indian Food in Sydney, visit a well-known Indian restaurant.

What should I eat for lunch?

Are you often stuck on what you should eat for lunch and cannot find something unique? Well, deciding what to eat for lunch is a common problem that most of us have been through occasionally. Nothing can ever be simple, especially when it comes to food. If you are still trying to figure out what to eat for lunch, dive into the list of delicious vegetarian lunch ideas that can break through your normal palate.

What to have for lunch? Vegetarian edition

Lunch break is the time of the day when your metabolism is at its peak. Here are some exciting vegetarian options for lunch;

Rajma Chawal

Rajma Chawal is one of the most favourite dishes for lunch. Rajma Chawal is a healthy and delicious lunch option. Rajma Chawal is the most beloved dish in the northern region because of its ease of preparation. Rajma Chawal contains a good amount of proteins and carbohydrates, making it a perfect choice for fitness freaks too.

Veg Biryani with Raita

Biryani is the most favoured choice among Indians. It is a popular and celebratory dish because of its varied flavours. Biryani is healthy as well as tasty, with a high source of dietary fiber.

Matar Mushroom With Butter Naan

It is best for those who want something healthy but do not want to chew raw vegetables. You can enjoy matar mushrooms with rice, naan, and plain chapati.

Cheese Naan With Gravy

If you are in a hurry and looking for quick lunch ideas, cheese Naan with gravy is the best choice.

Paneer Tikka Butter masala

Paneer is a toothsome Indian food that is tempting, delicious, and creamy. Its preparation includes grilling paneer and enhancing taste by simmering paneer in the tasteful gravy.

Paneer do Pyaza

Among Indian’s main course vegetarian dishes, Paneer do Pyaza is our favourite and most delicious one. It is prepared with a large quantity of enriching masalas, tomatoes, and onions, and the dish is full of tummy pleasure.

Khichdi with curd

If you want to have something light and simple for lunch, khichdi with curd is the best option. It is made using rice and moong daal with desi ghee.

Cheese Tomato

Cheese tomato is a gourmet meal that can tingle your senses. It is one of the finest vegetarian dishes for lunch.

If you are confused about what to have for lunch, then try these delicious dishes, or you can contact Asees Indian Restaurant for tasty and delicious food. Visit us or order online to relish your taste buds with our flavoursome Indian dishes.


Why is Indian food so famous? Specialties of Indian food

When talks revolve around food, How is it possible that Indian food is not mentioned? As we are aware of how much Indian food is famous all around the world. But it is also challenging to find good and full Indian-flavoured food in other countries like finding an Indian restaurant in Sydney is a task in itself. 

Having Indian Food in Sydney is like having a second home in another country far away from your own country. Trying at least Indian food once in life is a delightful;l experience. Let’s talk about some amazing specialties of Indian cuisine that you should try. 

These are some most famous dishes of Indian food all over the world: 

Dal Makhani

A dish from the northern states of India in which black lentils with kidney beans are simmered with other Indian spices and served with lots of butter. It is famous all over India and the world. A feast is complete with this dish. Many people enjoy it with rice and others with Indian bread like Naan, Tandoori roti, and chapati. 

Butter chicken 

This dish is from the heart of India, the capital of India presents another juicy and tasty delicacy. This non-vegetarian is very popular in the world. The chicken pieces were marinated and then cooked with spices. Chicken is cooked in many other ways, like Afghani and tandoori, but butter chicken is one of the most famous.


Not only the Indian dishes were famous, but the snacks of India are also very famous all over the world. It is prepared in many ways, mainly consisting of curd, sweet, and sour chutneys. The bhalla chaat consists of fried and soaked moong dal balls with curd and chutneys.  


It is another satisfying dish suitable for a healthy breakfast brought by the southern parts of India. A fermented rice batter is cooked on flattened tawa with a filling of boiled potatoes cooked with spices and peas, and dosa is served with sambhar, a curry, and coconut chutney, in which grated coconut is cooked with mustard seeds and milk. Many Indians worldwide used to eat dosa as breakfast because it is healthy and full of nutrients and also cooked in very less oil. 


As we talked about snacks, the samosa instantly clicked into our minds. A famous North Indian snack in every household has a different taste and flavor. It is made with a sheet of refined flour filled with potatoes and spices and forms a triangular shape, then deep fried in hot oil and served with sweet chutney. 

Rajma chawal

This dish is famous among all age groups. The kidney beans were cooked with spices and mostly served with rice all over India. It is a ubiquitous dish with a unique, satisfying taste in all households. 



Indian Food

How Can You Increase The Sales & Profit At Your Cafe Or The Restaurant?

Whenever we’re thinking of opening an Indian restaurant in Sydney, we are always worried whether it will be profitable or not. For that, we must have put in some effort. Indian food in Wollongong is no doubt liked by all and people will love to visit the restaurant which is offering the tasty and healthy version of it. But the food is not only the factor which is responsible for fetching the customers at the place. There are a lot of factors which need to be kept in mind.

So let us begin with those factors

Warm Welcoming

50% of the liking of the customer is formed at the welcoming stage. If you know how to make your customer feel special when they are going to enter your shop, then you can surely expect them to be loyal to you for a long time.


Best Customer Service

No doubt, you may have instructed your staff to behave in their best way while they are taking orders. You are advised to grant some leniency to the waiter so that they could get a little bit frank with the customers to make them feel comfortable. When they have built a comfort zone with any of your waiters, they are sure to like the dining experience.


Offer Online Ordering

The customers should be offered the facility of ordering online. Sometimes it happens that we do not want to leave the cozy and comfortable atmosphere of the home, but we are surely carving to eat something good. In that case, we can opt for online ordering.


Social Media Presence

To make more people know about what your restaurant is about and what is special about your cafe or restaurant, you need to be socially present. To be socially present, you have to make sure that you are targeting the audience on almost all the social media platforms.


Allow Co-working Side By Side

Your customers’ comfort should be your ultimate goal. The customers can only get comfortable if they are being offered to do their online or paperwork while sitting at your restaurant. Make sure you are not asking them to leave as they are finished dining.


Do Not Increase The Prices Suddenly

It is accepted that for learning a successful cafe, you need to generate a great amount of revenue. If the revenue does not get generated, then you will not be able to bring more and more facilities. But you have to understand that increasing prices all of a sudden will make you lose many of your customers and the new ones will think twice about whether they should be visiting you or not.


Hold Special Events

Holding or hosting special events at your restaurant and offering various takeaway contests will keep your costumes gripped with you.


Bottom Line

The above-mentioned ways to increase sales at your restaurant are one of the most important tried and tested ways. So if these also work for you, please let us know.

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