When talks revolve around food, How is it possible that Indian food is not mentioned? As we are aware of how much Indian food is famous all around the world. But it is also challenging to find good and full Indian-flavoured food in other countries like finding an Indian restaurant in Sydney is a task in itself. 

Having Indian Food in Sydney is like having a second home in another country far away from your own country. Trying at least Indian food once in life is a delightful;l experience. Let’s talk about some amazing specialties of Indian cuisine that you should try. 

These are some most famous dishes of Indian food all over the world: 

Dal Makhani

A dish from the northern states of India in which black lentils with kidney beans are simmered with other Indian spices and served with lots of butter. It is famous all over India and the world. A feast is complete with this dish. Many people enjoy it with rice and others with Indian bread like Naan, Tandoori roti, and chapati. 

Butter chicken 

This dish is from the heart of India, the capital of India presents another juicy and tasty delicacy. This non-vegetarian is very popular in the world. The chicken pieces were marinated and then cooked with spices. Chicken is cooked in many other ways, like Afghani and tandoori, but butter chicken is one of the most famous.


Not only the Indian dishes were famous, but the snacks of India are also very famous all over the world. It is prepared in many ways, mainly consisting of curd, sweet, and sour chutneys. The bhalla chaat consists of fried and soaked moong dal balls with curd and chutneys.  


It is another satisfying dish suitable for a healthy breakfast brought by the southern parts of India. A fermented rice batter is cooked on flattened tawa with a filling of boiled potatoes cooked with spices and peas, and dosa is served with sambhar, a curry, and coconut chutney, in which grated coconut is cooked with mustard seeds and milk. Many Indians worldwide used to eat dosa as breakfast because it is healthy and full of nutrients and also cooked in very less oil. 


As we talked about snacks, the samosa instantly clicked into our minds. A famous North Indian snack in every household has a different taste and flavor. It is made with a sheet of refined flour filled with potatoes and spices and forms a triangular shape, then deep fried in hot oil and served with sweet chutney. 

Rajma chawal

This dish is famous among all age groups. The kidney beans were cooked with spices and mostly served with rice all over India. It is a ubiquitous dish with a unique, satisfying taste in all households. 



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