How Is Naan Different From A Tandoori Roti? How Are They Cooked And Served?

There are numerous dishes Indian cuisine has. Indian cuisine is also rich in a variety of breads. Every region has its preferences, and food is also cooked in a certain way that tastes and looks completely different from one. Several Indian restaurants in Sydney provide you with the best authentic taste and flavours of India by presenting a blissful tasty experience at their restaurants. 

One of the famous Indian breads is Naan and tandoori Roti. If you have ever attended an Indian feast, you surely have noticed the stalls where they are served hot with different types of curry and other delicacies of Indian cuisine. A large number of non-Indians who love having Indian food and have Indian Food in Sydney, miles away from India, have a question about the difference between a tandoori roti and naan. There are differences in dough preparation, cooking style, texture, taste, and calories.  

Here is the list of points that make tandoori roti different from naan: 

  • Preparation of base: 

The dough for both breads is prepared differently. For making tandoori roti, you require 2 cups of whole wheat flour, then need to add half a teaspoon of salt to it and mix well for moisture. Add one tablespoon of oil while binding the flour with normal water, forming a soft dough. 

You must follow these techniques while kneading the dough: 

  • Do not add much water 
  • Press in gently in a uniform manner 
  • Then press and bind it together.

For naan, the dough is prepared in a way that firstly, you need to prepare the yeast mixture by mixing sugar in a bowl of water with a little amount of yeast, then leave it for 5 minutes and add salt to the flour and mix it well with yogurt and then mix the Yeast batter with it with the help of water binds a soft dough.

  1. They both are cooked so differently, like tandoori roti. If you cook at home, you can cook on tawa, and naan can only be cooked in tandoor, charcoal, or wood fire. 
  2. Several types of roti are served with different curries like roti, phulka, chapati, and many more. At the same time, naan can have different fillings of potatoes, cottage cheese, onion, or mic naan served with white chickpea curry and pickle. Plain butter naan can be served with any curry. 
  3. Roti is less thick than naan but needs to be chewed, and naan is more stagnant than roti, but they are easily chewed as yeast is present. 
  4. Rotis are cooked in less time and enriched with dietary fiber, proteins, iron, potassium, and minerals. Naan needs more time to cook, but they are tasty and high in fats and cholesterol. Roto is fat and calorie-free, whereas naan is considered a high-calorie bread in Indian cuisine, with many others. 


you are also eagerly waiting to try Indian bread but living away from your country. In that case, you can prefer to come to Asees Indian Restaurant in Sydney as they provide you with the best Indian food enriched with Indian flavor and taste. 


Culinary Delight of Asees Indian Restaurant

Savory Flavour of Lamb Seekh Kabab: 

Take a deep dive into the exceptional charm of Lamb Seekh Kebab. This item is crafted with the best-minced lamb and aromatic spices blend. These sticks are packed with culinary masterpieces. To obtain this masterpiece, lamb meat is grilled on the tandoor of Asees Indian Restaurant, the best Indian restaurant in Sydney. The smoky essence infused with the bold taste of kabab compliments its rich flavor. When you have to eat Lamb Seekh Kabab at our restaurant, take a bite and enjoy the essence of Indian food. 

Coastal Freshness of Punjabi Fish: 

Do you want to try some authentic Indian sea foods in your city? Then I rushed to our restaurant. We are eagerly waiting for the people who want to go on the coastal journey of Indian sea foods. Punjabi Fish is an extraordinary, flavourful dish made by marinating it into fish millet with spices and deep fried to achieve the perfect textures and taste. This golden perfection dish is very tender, and every bite of it will provide you with a burst of flavor in your mouth. 

Crispy Elegance of Vegetable Spring Rolls: 

Explore the delightful flavors of the Vegetable spring rolls at our restaurants. The perfect symphony of vegetables and spices inside the roll will provide your taste buds with extreme satisfaction for exotic flavors. The excellent blend of elements in the vegetable spring rolls will make you dance with each bite. This is an upgrade and charm added to the classic spring rolls. 

Perfectly Grilled Tandoori Chicken : 

To elevate the Indian food experience, try our Tandoori Chicken—the perfect marination of chicken meat pieces with homemade authentic spices. The contribution of yogurt in this dish acts as a taste amplifier. Then the marinated chicken is nicely grilled in our tandoor for a specific time to achieve the best perfection in taste. The proper blend of spices and tandoor grilling provides a smoky and flavourful chicken, the synonym of Indian cuisine essence. Visit here for the best symphony of spices and authentic taste. 

Flavourful Symphony of Chicken Tikka Masala: 

Experience the bouquet of flavors from India in our Chicken Tikka Masala. Tendered chicken pieces marinated in the perfect blend of spices. Grilled on tandoor and then immersed in the rich tomato-based sauce. The robustness of flavors and bold colors of the Chicken Tikka Masala you get here is hard to find anywhere else in the city. This iconic and world-famous dish is more like the heart of Indian cuisine glory. 

At Asees Indian Restaurant, you will get the opportunity to go on a proud and honorable journey of culinary experiences. Here you don’t eat but also celebrate the diverse essence of the Indian flavors. The diversity in their menu will give you a taste of each region of India. The choice of the finest ingredients is the priority here. They don’t buy the ingredients. First, they validate the quality and standard of the ingredients so that you get the same taste of food while eating. Apart from the best, traditional, and authentic Indian Food in Sydney, they also try to infuse their creativity in their menu so that you can enjoy a variety of Indian food along with the traditional touch. 


What are the best delicious Dishes made with Chickpeas you can enjoy

Chickpeas are a good source of nutrition. But you can also use it to cook the most delicious dishes. In the best Indian Restaurant in Sydney, you will find customers enjoying these dishes. The mix of spices and nutrition makes these chickpea dishes popular in India.

Many food lovers have shared the best experiences they had with these dishes. The best restaurants offering Indian Food in Sydney have seen the level of demand for chickpea dishes. The taste and nutritional value these dishes carry make them popular among food lovers and health-conscious people. 

Best Chickpea Recipes for You

We have a list of the best Chickpea recipes that can be ordered or prepared at home given below:

  1. Chana Masala: This is one of the greatest Indian dishes. It is easy to cook and should be served hot with tandoori naan or roti.
  2. Chickpea Curry: Being a South Indian dish, this recipe has coconut as its essential element. Spices add to the subtlety of this dish. It is also known as Kadala Curry in Kerala.
  3. Chole Bhature: This heavenly dish has its roots in Punjab. It is also the most popular dish worldwide. The mix of chole and bhatura is a divine experience for many Indians, fulfilling their taste buds. You can have this dish for lunch and dinner.
  4. Peshawari Chole: This is a stylish white chickpea dish originating from Peshawar. You can make this dish either with gravy, dry, or semi-dry. You need to adjust the level of water while preparing this recipe.
  5. Amritsari Chole: This is another popular chickpea dish from Punjab. It tickles the tastebuds of the people who eat it.
  6. Pindi Chole: The easiest and most delicious chickpea recipe by far, this dish takes less time to cook. You don’t have to saute the chickpeas with masala. You can have it for both lunch and dinner. 
  7. Chana Biriyani: Many biriyani lovers love this recipe. This dum-cooked and chickpea-layered biriyani will drive you crazy. 
  8. Aloo Tikki Chole: This is the most popular snack you can experience. Crisp brown spiced potatoes, along with delicious chickpea curry and pudina chutney, make this curry more exciting.
  9. Methi Chole: This curry is a mix of fenugreek and chickpeas, making it the most nutritious dish. You serve this dish with naan, roti, rice, poori, and bhatura.
  10. Aloo Chole Sabji: This dish is the most popular in Delhi. This spiced chickpea and potato curry is best served for breakfast. You enjoy this curry with poori.
  11. Chana Pulao: This dish is made with spiced chickpeas, basmati rice, and butter, which make it a heavenly experience. 
  12. Palak Chole: This nutritional dish consists of spinach and chickpeas. You can serve this with roti and rice.
  13. Kadhai Chole: Since it is made in Kadhai, this dish is named kadhai chole. It is also known to be the spiciest iteration of chole masala due to the addition of extra spices in it.

Hence, these are the best dishes made with chickpeas. You can visit us to experience the best quality of these dishes.

Indian cuisine

Your complete guide to Indian food and myths about Indian food

If you are fond of food, then you must try Indian food. Because Indian food is made of various herbal species and vegetables, Indian restaurants traditionally prepare food. So that cuisine does not lose any protein, fiber, and vitamins. It gives a unique taste in your mouth. If you want to eat Indian food, you can visit an Indian Restaurant In Sydney

Myths about Indian food

Milk and fish don’t take together.  

If you remember, your mummy says you do not drink milk when you eat fish. If you take both, then you suffer from skin allergies. But if you think scientifically, there is evidence if you take both, then you have skin allergies. 

Desi ghee is bad for your health.

Some people say desi ghee is bad for health, and some people say ghee is good for health. Taking regular desi ghee, then you have high cholesterol. And good terms like it help weight gain. But desi ghee is better than sunflower, corn, and cottonseed oil. Researchers say desi ghee in the diet protects you from cancer. 

Sugar is bad for the health

sugar is not caused to develop diabetes. If you take it when you have diabetes, it is harmful to your health Basically, the inability of the body to process carbohydrates. If you take sugar, then your sugar level gets high. Stay away from refined sugar because sugar will help you burn fewer calories. 

Honey is better than sugar. 

Honey is not a good way to sweeten your life. When you take one tablespoon of Honey, you take 65 calories, and one tablespoon of sugar contains 45 calories. Consuming more Honey causes high sugar and weight gain. 

Do not use extra virgin olive oil for cooking.  

Extra virgin olive oil, when you heat it, harms your health. Because virgin oil takes more heat to stabilize, when you get more benefits than minimum heat, you can sprinkle oil on the salad because its flavor is fruity and aromatic.

Suji is a nutrient of whole grains. 

If you think suji snacks are good for your health, it is not like some suji snacks are unhealthy. Suji has the same amount of nutrients as refined whole grains. Whole grain has rich fiber and nutrients. 

The egg is high in cholesterol. 

Egg white is an excellent source of protein, and yolk contains large amounts of protein and nutrients. If you take an egg, then your blood cholesterol gets high. It is terrible for your health. If you have diabetes and do not want high cholesterol, take egg white. 

Bananas will help you with weight gain. 

When you are slim, then most people say you consume bananas daily. It helps you gain weight. We are sure that it helps to gain weight, but bananas help to fill your stomach, such as fruit, because bananas have rich fiber and low calories like all fruits. 

If you want to eat vegetarian healthy food, you should try Indian food in an Indian Restaurant In Warners Bay. They used traditional techniques and spices to make food.

Indian Food

Savoring Indian Rice Dishes: a Culinary Journey

Rice is vital in Indian cuisine, both critical for health and culture. It is a staple food that combines all the different tastes and dishes from various parts of India. 

Rice is good because you can cook it in lots of ways. It is like a canvas for tasty curries, vegetables, and lentils. It gives us the energy to play and work. Cooking rice is also a particular skill that families pass down from one generation to another. It keeps the tradition alive.

Indulge in authentic Indian flavors in Sydney! Discover the best Indian restaurant in Sydney that serves authentic Indian dishes that can take your taste buds on a journey. Experience the rich spices and warm hospitality while you dine in the vibrant ambiance. Savor the best of India without breaking the bank.

Indian food is trendy in Sydney among food lovers. People visit in large numbers to many restaurants serving Indian Food in Sydney. They seem to enjoy the large assortment of healthy Indian dishes the restaurant offers.



Dum Biryani is like a treasure in Indian cooking. It is a delicious mix of tasteful basmati rice, meat like chicken or mutton, and many species that make it rich and flavorful. One cool thing about dum biryani is how one cooks it- slow, with everything stacked in one pot and sealed up. It makes the rice and meat soak up all the unique species and taste. 


Pulao is a simple and tasty dish in Indian cooking. You cook rice with flavorful species and sometimes vegetables or meat. Unlike other rice dishes, everything cooks together in one pot, making it easy and delicious. The rice absorbs the flavors, and you get a plate full of happiness with every bite. Pulao is like a quick flavor adventure, perfect for a yummy meal any day. 


Khichdi is a comforting Indian dish like a warm hug for your tummy. One cook rice and lentils together with some species. It is super easy to make and terrific for you. Khichdi is like a cozy blanket of flavor- soft and mushy, just like a hug from grandma. You can add veggies or eat it plain; it always makes you feel better, especially when you are not feeling well. 


Tomato Rice is a delicious dish where you cook rice with tasty tomato sauce and spices. It is like a flavor party in your mouth with the tanginess of tomatoes and the magic of species. The dish is quick to make and perfect for when you want something delicious in less time. Whether as a snack or a meal, tomato rice brings smiles with its simple yet fantastic taste. 


Lemon rice is a zesty and refreshing dish made by cooking rice with tangy lemon juice and a sprinkle of spices. It is like a burst of sunshine in your meal, adding a bright and lively flavor. It is simple to prepare for picnics or lunchboxes. The tanginess of lemon and the crunch of nuts create a delightful combination that makes every bite a tasty adventure.


Vangi Bath is a yummy South Indian dish with eggplant(called Vangi) and rice. You can cook it with unique species. It is like a flavor fiesta in a bowl. The eggplant adds a unique twist with its tender texture and taste. This dish is easy and brings a burst of Indian flavor. 


Indian cuisine, known for its diversity, holds a special place for its rice dishes. The flavorful pillars unite traditions and tastes, from the aromatic biryanis to comforting khichdi and vibrant pulao. Each tells a unique story on your plate. To enjoy some of the best Indian cuisines, you should visit Asses Indian Restaurant. It might be the best food you have had. 


Food Delivery App: A flavorful guide to Australia and New Zealand

Busy days are now tastier with food delivery apps. These excellent apps are a hit in island countries, making it easy to have palatable meals without going out. Let’s see how these apps change how people eat in these two incredible countries.

Indulge in authentic Indian flavors in Sydney! Discover the best Indian restaurant in Sydney that serves authentic Indian dishes that can take your taste buds on a journey. Experience the rich spices and warm hospitality while you dine in the vibrant ambiance. Savor the best of India without breaking the bank.

Indian food is trendy in Sydney among food lovers. People visit in large numbers to many restaurants serving Indian Food in Sydney. They seem to enjoy the large assortment of healthy Indian dishes the restaurant offers.


Online food delivery apps have entirely changed how we eat out. They make ordering food from different restaurants easy and deliver it to our homes. It’s not just about ease – these apps also help restaurants show their food to more people. It has made restaurants work harder to provide better food and service. So, thanks to these apps, we have more choices and better food, and we can enjoy our meals without leaving our homes.




Menulog is an excellent app that lets you order food online. It is like a unique website where you can pick what you want to eat and have it delivered to your home. The company’s main office is in Sydney, and its parent company is Eat Takeaway. Menulog has many restaurants, including famous ones like Pizza Hut and KFC. They’re in many cities and states across the country. Menulog has been around since 2006 and has delivered millions of meals. It’s the most significant food delivery service.


GOGO Food Delivery is a homegrown app that lets you order food from your favorite restaurant. You can explore the menu and pay right from the app. You can order your meal from a wide selection of food and deliver it quickly to your doorstep.


It is a food delivery app from London. It provides services in many countries like Belgium, UK, Spain, and more. They use ghost kitchens to make food and deliver it to people. You can order food from your mobile, and it will come to your home within 30 minutes. 


It is another app from America. It helps you find local food and delivers it to your home too. You can also order food beforehand, and it will provide it to your doorstep when you choose. 


It is for vegetarians and vegans. It provides options for many vegetarians and vegan restaurants and tells you where to eat healthy food. They don’t deliver but help you find places to eat.


It is an app for making reservations in restaurants. It is in many countries. You can use it to book a table at your favorite restaurant. 


This company delivers food and beverages and other things as well. They have an extensive network and lots of countries to deliver stuff. Small companies are also making apps like this to drop-ship things. 


It is a food delivery and ordering company. They don’t charge for the delivery but take a little money from the order. 


It is an app that lets you order food from local restaurants. The food reaches your location at a designated time. 


It is an app that lets you order your desired food at home even when busy. 


In essence, Food delivery apps have changed how people dine and have redefined the dynamics of the dining business. It has helped create a symbiotic relationship between technology, convenience, and eating delights. 



The ultimate guide to find delicious and nutritious Indian dishes at affordable prices

Indian cuisine is credited with providing the world with countless cuisine delicacies and shaping the kitchen of so many families. From butter chicken to shahi paneer to kofta, Indian cuisine has a lot to fill one’s plate. 

Indian recipes are famous worldwide. The reasons are many: a simple way of cooking, nutritious values of the food, aroma, use of natural ingredients, etc. If you want to eat Indian food in Sydney, then you can go to any Indian Restaurant In Sydney that serves authentic Indian food.

 You can find everything, from vegetarian dishes like paneer curry and vegetable pakora to non-vegetarian options, mutton curry and chicken biryani, to vegan options. They can easily satisfy everyone’s cravings.

Indian food has a history of many centuries; you can also see the influence of many countries that came in contact with India in all these times.

There are a lot of Indian dishes that show the influence of other countries like jalebi has a middle eastern influence, Pav, used in many dishes like vada pav, Pav bhaji etc, was brought by the Portugues. 

Indian food: Healthy Food

The ingredients used in the food are always fresh, meaning they are full of nutrition. 

A healthy food is one which uses wholesome and minimally processed ingredients. The use of processed ingredients is little to no in Indian dishes for instance Indians use fresh tomato paste in their curry and not pre-processed tomato puree.

Spices used in Indian food are of high quality and all of them benefit the body in one way or the other. 

Indian food is immensely popular in Sydney among food lovers. People visit in large numbers to many restaurants serving Indian Food in Sydney. They seem to enjoy the large assortment of healthy Indian dishes the restaurant has to offer.

The context of culture is very important when we talk about healthy food. Many people, especially in the West, are of the opinion that Indian food is all about curry and curry only, which is a false statement. Indian dishes have much more than just curry. One can not count the total number of dishes present in Indian cuisine. 


Although you must know the names of many Indian dishes, here are some of the dishes that you can not miss if you want to truly understand and enjoy the wonders of Indian food.

Breakfast options

Chilla- This Indian dish is peak heaven. They resemble pancakes. This is made with chickpea flour and served hot with either curd or chutney. 

Poha- Poha is a flattened, flaked rice. They are soaked and cooked with onions and a bunch of spices. You can add anything as an add-on. Mostly peanuts and peas are added, some also add pomegranate seeds and tomatoes. These add- ons not only add taste but also nutrition to the poha. 

Lunch/dinner options

Chole masala- This dish is the epitome of Indian cuisine. It is made with Chickpea cooked with a spicy tomato sauce. Chole masala paired beautifully with Roti, Naan, and also Bhatura. The Spices like jeera, gol mirch, etc., add both aroma and flavor to the dish. Chickpea is rich in protein which makes this dish one of the healthiest.


Indian food has a rich and complex history, which makes the pantheon of Indian dishes equally complex and mouth-watering. Indian foods are infused with delicious spices and are packed with health-promoting nutrition. If you wish to have a taste of the vast range Delicious foods Indian cuisine has to offer, You need to visit Asses Indian Restaurant.     

Indian restaurant

Why Need Professional Restaurant Cleaning Service

Mostly, people go to places with good hygiene and environment. If your restaurant does not clean, then customers do not often come to your restaurant. Cleanliness is important where we live and spend lots of time. When your restaurant is neat and clean, then you get more customers.

When your restaurant is hygienic, then they serve good quality food items. If not, your customer falls ill and goes to another restaurant. Clean and good ambiance restaurants attract more customers and earn more profits. 

When your restaurant is unclean and untidy, that impacts your restaurant’s reputation. The restaurant has a wide range of space, and your staff do not only maintain the cleanliness timely. In that case, you can hire professional cleaners in Toronto.  They provide a service at a low  price. 

Expert restaurant cleaning service, which a cleaner specializes in and is experienced in cleaning, maintains hygiene and gives a good dining environment to the customer. This service involves deep cleaning, such as kitchen equipment, floor cleaning sanitizer, etc.  

expert restaurant cleaning service

Expert restaurant cleaning services that have trained and experienced workers who work professionally to clean your restaurant, such as 


When you hire a restaurant cleaner, they evaluate the space they mostly need to clean, including cushions, chairs, and tables. They need cleaning products for a specific area. 

Customized plan 

After evaluating the area, they plan where to start to clean the restaurant. Such as the kitchen and dining area, which also involves regular cleaning service. They cleaned the restaurant without any damage. 

Kitchen cleaning 

When you cook the food, that area should be clean. When you hire an expert cleaning restaurant, they thoroughly clean your kitchen, such as knives, choppers, oven, stove and other equipment. They clean professionally and sanitize the floor after cleaning the equipment. It helps to kill the germs and bacteria. 


Expert restaurant cleaners clean all surfaces with sanitizer, such as chairs, dining tables, tablecloths, etc. And make bacteria and germs-free surfaces. 

Clean floor 

Expert cleaners use different methods to clean the floor. Different types of floors need different techniques for cleaning. A clean floor has a good impact on the customer. 

Maintain hygiene in the washroom. 

When your restaurant’s restroom is not clean, the customer goes to another restaurant. Expert cleaners clean your restroom with cleaner products and supplier things. When customers go to the restroom, they get a good experience.


When the cleaner cleans the restaurant, professionals inspect the restaurant and are sure about the high-quality cleaning. 

Ongoing maintenance 

When you regularly clean your restaurant, then you maintain hygiene in your restaurant. And also you can hire professional cleaner service timely. 

Our professional cleaning service involves 

  • Timely cleaning of the dining tables and chairs
  • Mopping the floor with sanitizer
  • Maintain the cleanliness in the washroom 
  • Establish what is needed in the restroom, such as soap, hand wash, towel, tissue, toilet paper, etc. 
  • Regularly clean kitchen equipment and floor with sanitizer products. 
  • Regularly clean the window and other furniture. 

If you are looking for a restaurant cleaning service, contact a reputed company for Commercial cleaning in Vancouver. They clean your restaurant professionally and create a good and fresh environment.

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