Indian cuisine

If you are fond of food, then you must try Indian food. Because Indian food is made of various herbal species and vegetables, Indian restaurants traditionally prepare food. So that cuisine does not lose any protein, fiber, and vitamins. It gives a unique taste in your mouth. If you want to eat Indian food, you can visit an Indian Restaurant In Sydney

Myths about Indian food

Milk and fish don’t take together.  

If you remember, your mummy says you do not drink milk when you eat fish. If you take both, then you suffer from skin allergies. But if you think scientifically, there is evidence if you take both, then you have skin allergies. 

Desi ghee is bad for your health.

Some people say desi ghee is bad for health, and some people say ghee is good for health. Taking regular desi ghee, then you have high cholesterol. And good terms like it help weight gain. But desi ghee is better than sunflower, corn, and cottonseed oil. Researchers say desi ghee in the diet protects you from cancer. 

Sugar is bad for the health

sugar is not caused to develop diabetes. If you take it when you have diabetes, it is harmful to your health Basically, the inability of the body to process carbohydrates. If you take sugar, then your sugar level gets high. Stay away from refined sugar because sugar will help you burn fewer calories. 

Honey is better than sugar. 

Honey is not a good way to sweeten your life. When you take one tablespoon of Honey, you take 65 calories, and one tablespoon of sugar contains 45 calories. Consuming more Honey causes high sugar and weight gain. 

Do not use extra virgin olive oil for cooking.  

Extra virgin olive oil, when you heat it, harms your health. Because virgin oil takes more heat to stabilize, when you get more benefits than minimum heat, you can sprinkle oil on the salad because its flavor is fruity and aromatic.

Suji is a nutrient of whole grains. 

If you think suji snacks are good for your health, it is not like some suji snacks are unhealthy. Suji has the same amount of nutrients as refined whole grains. Whole grain has rich fiber and nutrients. 

The egg is high in cholesterol. 

Egg white is an excellent source of protein, and yolk contains large amounts of protein and nutrients. If you take an egg, then your blood cholesterol gets high. It is terrible for your health. If you have diabetes and do not want high cholesterol, take egg white. 

Bananas will help you with weight gain. 

When you are slim, then most people say you consume bananas daily. It helps you gain weight. We are sure that it helps to gain weight, but bananas help to fill your stomach, such as fruit, because bananas have rich fiber and low calories like all fruits. 

If you want to eat vegetarian healthy food, you should try Indian food in an Indian Restaurant In Warners Bay. They used traditional techniques and spices to make food.

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