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Various types of parathas that you should order from an Indian restaurant

Different types of parathas

For breakfast or lunch, we all want something fulfilling yet healthy to ensure we have the zeal to get through the entire day. In that case, the choice of soft parathas on the table is the biggest delight to make the taste stand out. Indeed, Indian food is known to serve various varieties of delectable meals that are not just captivating for taste buds but make the cravings go much higher. So, try out the amazing delicacies at one of the best Indian restaurants in Sydney to relish every bite of your food.

Which are the different types of parathas?

Well, there are different types of parathas that you can give a try in Indian cuisine. It’s like every bite of the meal tastes delightful and exceptional that you will leave craving for more of the same. Be it parathas or simple naan; there are various types of the best Indian Food in Sydney that will make you drool over tasty meals. Here are some of the different types of parathas that you should try out:

  • Aloo paratha

Aloo paratha is the most classic yet toothsome Indian food option perfect choice for breakfast. The paratha is the unleavened whole wheat flatbread that contains the toothsome filling of spiced potato, butter, wheat flour, green chilies, Kashmiri red chili powder, chopped cilantro, and garam masala powder.

  • Vegetable paratha

Do you like a perfect blend of different vegetables? Perfect! We have got you the vegetables paratha option. It’s like all the different vegetables are present in one single bread. It’s the combination of wholemeal bread that contains various vegetables and spices, perfect for making your taste buds go all crazy.

  • Gobi paratha

The gobi paratha and its popularity are simply exceptional. One of the most loved parathas among the North Indians because of its delicious taste and toothsome Indian spices to make you crave more. Moreover, it will make you crave more like curd or pickle.

  • Cheese paratha

Another toothsome option is cheese paratha, which you can never go wrong with. If you like cheese and need more reason to have the same, then go with cheese paratha. The combination of red chili powder and Indian spices is simply exceptional. Moreover, the kids love the cheese paratha because most of them find a reason to have something having cheese in it.

Additional choices

Other than paranthas, you can try out the delectable variety of naan. Some of the loved naan categories at Asees Indian Restaurant are:

  • Cheese and Garlic Naan

The naan bread contains the stuffing of grated cheese and fresh garlic cloves.

  • Cheese and spinach naan

The combination of cheese and spinach is simply exceptional beyond words. The naan with the perfect combination of cheese and spinach naan.

Indian Food

What Are The Beneficial Properties Of Spices In An Indian Cuisine?

You can make your food be the medicine for you!

Especially Indian food!


Well, Indian food consists of highly enriched spices that are very good for your overall health.

In today’s era, it is essential for you to focus on boosting your immune system in order to form a protective shield against all attacks from different viruses.

With Indian food, you get tons of spices that not only enhance the flavors of the dish but it is also an excellent source to help you boost your immune system.

Indian Spices And Its Importance

The Best Indian Food in Sydney is those which the chef prepares with utmost sincerity and traditionalism. The Indian spices play a significant role in cooking the traditional Indian cuisines that taste impeccable.

But the benefits of spices do not stay limited to taste and the flavors that enhance the dish to the next level. No!

They also have tremendous immunity-boosting powers. This is why they are an indispensable ingredient in the Ayurveda world.

In this blog, we will talk about the top spices in India that help boost the immune system and defend you against any raging virus attacks.

Top Indian Spices That Boost The Immunity

  • Cinnamon

Cinnamon is basically the inner bark of a Cinnamomum tree. They have been very famous for their medicinal properties since the days of the Egyptians. With the help of this spice, you will be able to ward off any infections while also fighting against any inflammations. They are also great for helping the damaged tissues heal faster.

The main reason behind cinnamon’s high immunity-boosting power is the great level of polyphenol. According to many studies, cinnamon can make any dish superfood that you can order from the Takeaway Restaurant Sydney. Cinnamon is a top spice with antioxidant properties that automatically boost immunity.

  • Fennel

They come from the licorice-flavored plant that contains glycyrrhizin. It is a substance that reduces virus multiplication. While also preventing them from replicating and penetrating the healthy cells. People know fennel and its substances to be an effective treatment against many viral diseases such as HIV and hepatitis. According to many studies, we have noticed that fennel extracts are one of the most strong antiviral agents fighting against the parainfluenza type-3 (PI-3). They are mainly responsible for cattle respiratory infections.

The main element of fennel oil is its trans-anethole. They have repeatedly shown us its strong antiviral impacts against the herpes viruses. In short, fennel is an extraordinary component that helps boost your immunity and decrease your inflammation level.

  • Turmeric

The yellow rhizome is one of the most popular ingredients, or spices people have used in Ayurveda for ages. Traditionally many people used turmeric in Ayurveda in order to heal wounds, release mucus and also ease inflammation. The main component of turmeric is curcumin which has again and again proven its abilities in order to fight infections and also boost the overall health of the body.

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What makes chicken tikka kebab and chicken tandoori different?

Chicken Tikka Kebab Vs. Chicken Tandoori

The love for Mughlai dishes has started to gain a lot of attention over time. Specifically, the chicken tikka kebab and chicken tandoori are the 2 most loved delicacies of all time. When you visit one of the best Indian restaurant in Sydney, it’s like you have the time of your life over tasty and delectable food. Moreover, these delicacies stand out because of its special cooking method.

Anything with chicken is a delight to the taste buds. Not just that, it’s love for the  Indian Food restaurant in NSW that’s increasing among Australians. So, it’s something that you should not neglect at any cost, and give it a try out at least once.

Chicken tikka kebab Vs. Chicken tandoori

What are the ingredients used?

With both chicken tikka kebab and chicken tandoori, the ingredients vary a lot.

Chicken tikka kebab

It contains lemon juice, garlic cloves, salt, plain yogurt, and others.

Chicken tandoori

Chicken tandoori preparation includes chili powder, garam masala, pepper powder, coriander powder, ginger-garlic paste, and greek yogurt.

With both the options, combining different ingredients is the major reason to make the taste different and exciting altogether.

How much portion of chicken ?

If you are always curious about how much specific portion of chicken is required, then here’s what you need to know:

Chicken tikka kebab

When you order this amazing delicacy, it contains boneless and skinless chicken chunks taken from the breast.

Chicken tandoori

Chicken tandoori contains full and half chicken. The chicken is from breasts, legs, and wings . The delicacy is not boneless.

How are the chicken delicacies cooked?

We all know that Indian cooking is different from others. And for both the amazing delicacies, the cooking method varies.

Chicken tikka kebab

Boneless chunks of chicken are smeared in lemon juice, yogurt, and spices. Afterward, put them on skewers to grill them until it’s tender and cooked properly.

Chicken tandoori

On the other hand, there’s chicken tandoori marinated with perfection. Different ingredients are used for preparation like ginger garlic paste, tandoor masala, chaat masala, lemon juice, salt, curd, oil, and red chili paste. The chicken slices are perfect with grilling. Many would prefer to cook it perfectly on a tandoor.

How much time does it take to prepare?

Chicken tikka kebab

The chicken tikka kebab  takes 25 minutes to cook on a skewer.

Chicken tandoori

Chicken tandoori takes  40 minutes for full preparation.

Final word

Don’t you think you must give your taste buds the pleasure of having tasty Indian food? No worries! Asees Indian restaurant is here at your service to serve you perfectly in terms of hospitable service and good quality Indian food. In case there’s any doubt on your mind then feel free to ask about the same with our team.

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Fine Dining and Casual Dining: How are these different from each other?

Are you looking for a dine-in restaurant?

Indeed! Choosing a dine-in service is important to alleviate the entire food experience. Most customers are fascinated by looking for a service that stands out. So, when you search for one of the Best Indian restaurant in Sydney, the ambiance, price, and other important factors should be considered to ensure the best dining experience. Now, the dilemma of choosing between fine dining and casual dining. If you are experiencing the same, this blog will give you a proper understanding of choosing the right option.

Casual Dining Vs. Fine Dining


The fine dining restaurants are priced based on the entire service. It’s also because the menu is exceptional, and even in terms of place, everything is just A1. The experienced staff is always there to make everything just interesting. It’s your place to have the Best Indian Food in Sydney.

On the other hand, casual dining restaurants are slightly less pricey. This is also because the menu is not that not fancy.


The fine dining Indian restaurant has an ambiance that takes your breath away. It’s like there’s elegance and worth everything to make fine dining all influential. Whether you talk about the interior or other stuff, there’s quality and brilliance in everything.

On the other hand, casual dining provides that laid-back atmosphere for ensuring utmost relaxation. If you want your food in an extremely fulfilling place, this is worth opting for.


The fine dining restaurant is known for serving the most delectable Indian food. The exotic taste and flavors are the perfect delight in fine dining. So, one of those menus lets you enjoy the fascinating taste from the main course to dessert.

With casual dining, there’s slight simplicity and fewer options. No doubt, still the cutlery and tableware are worth everything. It’s just the taste that is worth everything. So, regardless of your choice, Indian food will be palatable and healthy.


In fine dining Indian restaurants, the staff is trained and skilled. Their way of doing the hospitality and giving the entire service makes them different altogether. The staff would come to you voluntarily to ask if you need something. They are readily available with a customer-based approach.

With casual dining, the service is slightly different. You need to ask the waiter or server to come to your table and take your order. So, if you need anything, just call them politely.

Asees Indian Restaurant: Make a fine food experience

When you choose us for dine-in or order Indian food, there won’t be a point of disappointment. Our food menu includes a wide range of Indian food options that are not just captivating but drool-worthy enough to satisfy all your hunger pangs.

Happy Eating!

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