Perhaps you are thinking of visiting Australia and enjoying your food in a popular Indian restaurant in Sydney. In that case, there is little chance for you to become disappointed. However, it is essential to remember some dos and don’ts before you finally sit down to enjoy your meal. In the following paragraphs, we have mentioned some guidelines for dining etiquette that must be followed while visiting an Indian restaurant anywhere in the world including Sydney.

  1. Usage of cutlery

Most Indian people like to eat their meals using their right hands. They do not have any intention of using any spoons or forks whatsoever. Moreover, there is no usage of knives as well. Most Indian households do not place any cutlery on the dining table during meal time. Most Indian food items such as flatbreads do not need individuals to use any knife or fork at all. They simply need to tear these food items using their hands and that’s all. Moreover, if a dish is made from sauces and liquid, then there is no need of using any spoon at all.

  1. Sharing food items

In Indian tradition, many individuals are prone to sharing their food things with others during dinner time. Eating is considered a consecrated matter in Indian culture, and sharing of food is urged to a great extent. Sharing of food will help the Indian citizens to come close to each other. However, it will be considered to be offensive and unhygienic to take food from the plate of somebody and give it to another person while dining.

  1. Sequence of food

All the food items will be served together while having an Indian meal. One will not come across any “courses” when it comes to serving Indian food, unlike Western culture. Nevertheless, it might be possible to see different serving styles depending on the regional cultures of India well as different cuisines.

  1. Lefties will not be permitted

As already mentioned, Indian prefer to use the right hand while taking their meals. There is no choice left to you in this case in case you are a left-hander. This is because the left hand is thought to be offensive and dirty. But one has to keep the left hand clean while eating since one will use it for passing food items or for drinking.

  1. Paying compliments

Never leave the table while having Indian food in Sydney while others are still eating. Also, remain seated until the person who is hosting the dinner or the eldest person has finished his meal. Never forget to provide compliments to the host for the meal as well. Moreover, it will not be a bad idea to provide your compliments to the waiters and the chefs while visiting a restaurant in Sydney.


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