Indian Food

You can make your food be the medicine for you!

Especially Indian food!


Well, Indian food consists of highly enriched spices that are very good for your overall health.

In today’s era, it is essential for you to focus on boosting your immune system in order to form a protective shield against all attacks from different viruses.

With Indian food, you get tons of spices that not only enhance the flavors of the dish but it is also an excellent source to help you boost your immune system.

Indian Spices And Its Importance

The Best Indian Food in Sydney is those which the chef prepares with utmost sincerity and traditionalism. The Indian spices play a significant role in cooking the traditional Indian cuisines that taste impeccable.

But the benefits of spices do not stay limited to taste and the flavors that enhance the dish to the next level. No!

They also have tremendous immunity-boosting powers. This is why they are an indispensable ingredient in the Ayurveda world.

In this blog, we will talk about the top spices in India that help boost the immune system and defend you against any raging virus attacks.

Top Indian Spices That Boost The Immunity

  • Cinnamon

Cinnamon is basically the inner bark of a Cinnamomum tree. They have been very famous for their medicinal properties since the days of the Egyptians. With the help of this spice, you will be able to ward off any infections while also fighting against any inflammations. They are also great for helping the damaged tissues heal faster.

The main reason behind cinnamon’s high immunity-boosting power is the great level of polyphenol. According to many studies, cinnamon can make any dish superfood that you can order from the Takeaway Restaurant Sydney. Cinnamon is a top spice with antioxidant properties that automatically boost immunity.

  • Fennel

They come from the licorice-flavored plant that contains glycyrrhizin. It is a substance that reduces virus multiplication. While also preventing them from replicating and penetrating the healthy cells. People know fennel and its substances to be an effective treatment against many viral diseases such as HIV and hepatitis. According to many studies, we have noticed that fennel extracts are one of the most strong antiviral agents fighting against the parainfluenza type-3 (PI-3). They are mainly responsible for cattle respiratory infections.

The main element of fennel oil is its trans-anethole. They have repeatedly shown us its strong antiviral impacts against the herpes viruses. In short, fennel is an extraordinary component that helps boost your immunity and decrease your inflammation level.

  • Turmeric

The yellow rhizome is one of the most popular ingredients, or spices people have used in Ayurveda for ages. Traditionally many people used turmeric in Ayurveda in order to heal wounds, release mucus and also ease inflammation. The main component of turmeric is curcumin which has again and again proven its abilities in order to fight infections and also boost the overall health of the body.

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