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Chicken Tikka Kebab Vs. Chicken Tandoori

The love for Mughlai dishes has started to gain a lot of attention over time. Specifically, the chicken tikka kebab and chicken tandoori are the 2 most loved delicacies of all time. When you visit one of the best Indian restaurant in Sydney, it’s like you have the time of your life over tasty and delectable food. Moreover, these delicacies stand out because of its special cooking method.

Anything with chicken is a delight to the taste buds. Not just that, it’s love for the  Indian Food restaurant in NSW that’s increasing among Australians. So, it’s something that you should not neglect at any cost, and give it a try out at least once.

Chicken tikka kebab Vs. Chicken tandoori

What are the ingredients used?

With both chicken tikka kebab and chicken tandoori, the ingredients vary a lot.

Chicken tikka kebab

It contains lemon juice, garlic cloves, salt, plain yogurt, and others.

Chicken tandoori

Chicken tandoori preparation includes chili powder, garam masala, pepper powder, coriander powder, ginger-garlic paste, and greek yogurt.

With both the options, combining different ingredients is the major reason to make the taste different and exciting altogether.

How much portion of chicken ?

If you are always curious about how much specific portion of chicken is required, then here’s what you need to know:

Chicken tikka kebab

When you order this amazing delicacy, it contains boneless and skinless chicken chunks taken from the breast.

Chicken tandoori

Chicken tandoori contains full and half chicken. The chicken is from breasts, legs, and wings . The delicacy is not boneless.

How are the chicken delicacies cooked?

We all know that Indian cooking is different from others. And for both the amazing delicacies, the cooking method varies.

Chicken tikka kebab

Boneless chunks of chicken are smeared in lemon juice, yogurt, and spices. Afterward, put them on skewers to grill them until it’s tender and cooked properly.

Chicken tandoori

On the other hand, there’s chicken tandoori marinated with perfection. Different ingredients are used for preparation like ginger garlic paste, tandoor masala, chaat masala, lemon juice, salt, curd, oil, and red chili paste. The chicken slices are perfect with grilling. Many would prefer to cook it perfectly on a tandoor.

How much time does it take to prepare?

Chicken tikka kebab

The chicken tikka kebab  takes 25 minutes to cook on a skewer.

Chicken tandoori

Chicken tandoori takes  40 minutes for full preparation.

Final word

Don’t you think you must give your taste buds the pleasure of having tasty Indian food? No worries! Asees Indian restaurant is here at your service to serve you perfectly in terms of hospitable service and good quality Indian food. In case there’s any doubt on your mind then feel free to ask about the same with our team.

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