Chickpeas are a good source of nutrition. But you can also use it to cook the most delicious dishes. In the best Indian Restaurant in Sydney, you will find customers enjoying these dishes. The mix of spices and nutrition makes these chickpea dishes popular in India.

Many food lovers have shared the best experiences they had with these dishes. The best restaurants offering Indian Food in Sydney have seen the level of demand for chickpea dishes. The taste and nutritional value these dishes carry make them popular among food lovers and health-conscious people. 

Best Chickpea Recipes for You

We have a list of the best Chickpea recipes that can be ordered or prepared at home given below:

  1. Chana Masala: This is one of the greatest Indian dishes. It is easy to cook and should be served hot with tandoori naan or roti.
  2. Chickpea Curry: Being a South Indian dish, this recipe has coconut as its essential element. Spices add to the subtlety of this dish. It is also known as Kadala Curry in Kerala.
  3. Chole Bhature: This heavenly dish has its roots in Punjab. It is also the most popular dish worldwide. The mix of chole and bhatura is a divine experience for many Indians, fulfilling their taste buds. You can have this dish for lunch and dinner.
  4. Peshawari Chole: This is a stylish white chickpea dish originating from Peshawar. You can make this dish either with gravy, dry, or semi-dry. You need to adjust the level of water while preparing this recipe.
  5. Amritsari Chole: This is another popular chickpea dish from Punjab. It tickles the tastebuds of the people who eat it.
  6. Pindi Chole: The easiest and most delicious chickpea recipe by far, this dish takes less time to cook. You don’t have to saute the chickpeas with masala. You can have it for both lunch and dinner. 
  7. Chana Biriyani: Many biriyani lovers love this recipe. This dum-cooked and chickpea-layered biriyani will drive you crazy. 
  8. Aloo Tikki Chole: This is the most popular snack you can experience. Crisp brown spiced potatoes, along with delicious chickpea curry and pudina chutney, make this curry more exciting.
  9. Methi Chole: This curry is a mix of fenugreek and chickpeas, making it the most nutritious dish. You serve this dish with naan, roti, rice, poori, and bhatura.
  10. Aloo Chole Sabji: This dish is the most popular in Delhi. This spiced chickpea and potato curry is best served for breakfast. You enjoy this curry with poori.
  11. Chana Pulao: This dish is made with spiced chickpeas, basmati rice, and butter, which make it a heavenly experience. 
  12. Palak Chole: This nutritional dish consists of spinach and chickpeas. You can serve this with roti and rice.
  13. Kadhai Chole: Since it is made in Kadhai, this dish is named kadhai chole. It is also known to be the spiciest iteration of chole masala due to the addition of extra spices in it.

Hence, these are the best dishes made with chickpeas. You can visit us to experience the best quality of these dishes.

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