Indian cuisine is credited with providing the world with countless cuisine delicacies and shaping the kitchen of so many families. From butter chicken to shahi paneer to kofta, Indian cuisine has a lot to fill one’s plate. 

Indian recipes are famous worldwide. The reasons are many: a simple way of cooking, nutritious values of the food, aroma, use of natural ingredients, etc. If you want to eat Indian food in Sydney, then you can go to any Indian Restaurant In Sydney that serves authentic Indian food.

 You can find everything, from vegetarian dishes like paneer curry and vegetable pakora to non-vegetarian options, mutton curry and chicken biryani, to vegan options. They can easily satisfy everyone’s cravings.

Indian food has a history of many centuries; you can also see the influence of many countries that came in contact with India in all these times.

There are a lot of Indian dishes that show the influence of other countries like jalebi has a middle eastern influence, Pav, used in many dishes like vada pav, Pav bhaji etc, was brought by the Portugues. 

Indian food: Healthy Food

The ingredients used in the food are always fresh, meaning they are full of nutrition. 

A healthy food is one which uses wholesome and minimally processed ingredients. The use of processed ingredients is little to no in Indian dishes for instance Indians use fresh tomato paste in their curry and not pre-processed tomato puree.

Spices used in Indian food are of high quality and all of them benefit the body in one way or the other. 

Indian food is immensely popular in Sydney among food lovers. People visit in large numbers to many restaurants serving Indian Food in Sydney. They seem to enjoy the large assortment of healthy Indian dishes the restaurant has to offer.

The context of culture is very important when we talk about healthy food. Many people, especially in the West, are of the opinion that Indian food is all about curry and curry only, which is a false statement. Indian dishes have much more than just curry. One can not count the total number of dishes present in Indian cuisine. 


Although you must know the names of many Indian dishes, here are some of the dishes that you can not miss if you want to truly understand and enjoy the wonders of Indian food.

Breakfast options

Chilla- This Indian dish is peak heaven. They resemble pancakes. This is made with chickpea flour and served hot with either curd or chutney. 

Poha- Poha is a flattened, flaked rice. They are soaked and cooked with onions and a bunch of spices. You can add anything as an add-on. Mostly peanuts and peas are added, some also add pomegranate seeds and tomatoes. These add- ons not only add taste but also nutrition to the poha. 

Lunch/dinner options

Chole masala- This dish is the epitome of Indian cuisine. It is made with Chickpea cooked with a spicy tomato sauce. Chole masala paired beautifully with Roti, Naan, and also Bhatura. The Spices like jeera, gol mirch, etc., add both aroma and flavor to the dish. Chickpea is rich in protein which makes this dish one of the healthiest.


Indian food has a rich and complex history, which makes the pantheon of Indian dishes equally complex and mouth-watering. Indian foods are infused with delicious spices and are packed with health-promoting nutrition. If you wish to have a taste of the vast range Delicious foods Indian cuisine has to offer, You need to visit Asses Indian Restaurant.     

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