There are numerous dishes Indian cuisine has. Indian cuisine is also rich in a variety of breads. Every region has its preferences, and food is also cooked in a certain way that tastes and looks completely different from one. Several Indian restaurants in Sydney provide you with the best authentic taste and flavours of India by presenting a blissful tasty experience at their restaurants. 

One of the famous Indian breads is Naan and tandoori Roti. If you have ever attended an Indian feast, you surely have noticed the stalls where they are served hot with different types of curry and other delicacies of Indian cuisine. A large number of non-Indians who love having Indian food and have Indian Food in Sydney, miles away from India, have a question about the difference between a tandoori roti and naan. There are differences in dough preparation, cooking style, texture, taste, and calories.  

Here is the list of points that make tandoori roti different from naan: 

  • Preparation of base: 

The dough for both breads is prepared differently. For making tandoori roti, you require 2 cups of whole wheat flour, then need to add half a teaspoon of salt to it and mix well for moisture. Add one tablespoon of oil while binding the flour with normal water, forming a soft dough. 

You must follow these techniques while kneading the dough: 

  • Do not add much water 
  • Press in gently in a uniform manner 
  • Then press and bind it together.

For naan, the dough is prepared in a way that firstly, you need to prepare the yeast mixture by mixing sugar in a bowl of water with a little amount of yeast, then leave it for 5 minutes and add salt to the flour and mix it well with yogurt and then mix the Yeast batter with it with the help of water binds a soft dough.

  1. They both are cooked so differently, like tandoori roti. If you cook at home, you can cook on tawa, and naan can only be cooked in tandoor, charcoal, or wood fire. 
  2. Several types of roti are served with different curries like roti, phulka, chapati, and many more. At the same time, naan can have different fillings of potatoes, cottage cheese, onion, or mic naan served with white chickpea curry and pickle. Plain butter naan can be served with any curry. 
  3. Roti is less thick than naan but needs to be chewed, and naan is more stagnant than roti, but they are easily chewed as yeast is present. 
  4. Rotis are cooked in less time and enriched with dietary fiber, proteins, iron, potassium, and minerals. Naan needs more time to cook, but they are tasty and high in fats and cholesterol. Roto is fat and calorie-free, whereas naan is considered a high-calorie bread in Indian cuisine, with many others. 


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