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India is diverse, and people of different nations prefer to try India’s different cuisines for various reasons. Naan is a famous flatbread in India, especially in Punjab. People like to eat it with other vegetables and grains. The best restaurants provide the best quality Indian food in Sydney


Origin of naan 

The origin of naan bread dates back to Persia in the early Persian empire, but it is supposed to have originated in central and south Asia. It dispersed over the Indian subcontinent and other regions, emerging as a fundamental ingredient in numerous cuisines like India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and central Asia. 


What are the different types of naan? 

Naan comes in various forms with distinct taste, consistency, and components. Popular naan varieties include:

  • Simple Naan: The traditional recipe consists of flour, yeast, water, and salt; it is then roasted in a tandoor until it turns soft and brown.
  • Garlic Naan: Naan bread is flavored with minced garlic and occasionally topped with garlic butter.
  • Butter Naan: Made similarly to regular naan but smeared with melted butter to give it a more prosperous, creamier taste after baking.
  • Cheese Naan: Naan is filled with cheese to give it a cheesy, savory flavor, such as paneer, mozzarella, or cheddar.
  • Amritsari Kulcha: A naan variety well-liked in the Indian region of Amritsar. It is baked in a tandoor and filled with a spicy paneer or potato.


Recipe of naan

An easy recipe to make naan bread at home is as follows:



  • All-purpose flour
  • Dry active yeast
  • Salt and Sugar
  • Heated water
  • Plain yogurt
  • Clarified butter, or ghee, melted butter
  • Extra toppings at your discretion: chopped cilantro, nigella seeds, sesame seeds, and minced garlic


Steps to follow while preparing naan. 

  • Combine the yeast, sugar, and warm water in a small bowl. Allow it to sit for five to ten minutes or until the yeast starts to foam.
  • Flour and salt should be combined in a large mixing dish. Pour the yogurt, melted butter, and active yeast mixture into the well you created in the center.
  • Mix the ingredients with your hands or a wooden spoon until a rough dough forms.
  • After transferring the dough to a surface dusted with flour, knead it for five to seven minutes or until it becomes elastic and smooth. You can adjust the amount of flour if necessary if the dough is too sticky.
  • After putting the dough in a greased bowl and covering it with plastic wrap or a fresh kitchen towel, let it rise in a warm location for one to two hours or until it has doubled in size.
  • After the dough has risen, punch it down to pop the air bubbles and divide it into six or eight pieces that are the same size.
  • Set your oven’s temperature to its maximum, or use a preheated pizza stone or tandoor if you have one.
  • Each dough part should be rolled to a 1/4-inch-thick oval or teardrop form.
  • Garlic, cilantro, seeds, and other toppings can be sprinkled over the naan and gently pressed into the dough if desired.
  • Roll out the naan on a parchment paper-lined baking sheet or straight onto a heated pizza stone or tandoor.
  • The naan should be baked for two to three minutes, or until the bottom is golden brown and puffs up, in a preheated oven or tandoor. 
  • Before serving, drizzle some melted butter or ghee over the just-baked naan.


People of different nations prefer Indian food because of its delicious taste. Reserve your table at the best Indian restaurant in Sydney, Asees Indian restaurant. 

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