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Whenever you have Indian food in Sydney, your food is incomplete without adding side Indian dishes.

Although they are called side dishes, but they work to enhance the overall taste of your main course food items. In this blog, we will discuss some of the most popular side dishes in Indian cuisine that you can try out at Asees Indian Restaurant in Sydney.

Let us check out the complete list of side dishes in India that you can try out with Indian curries and enhance the overall flavors.

Best Side Dishes For Curry To Enhance The Flavours Of Your Indian Food

1- Cucumber Salad:

The first and one of the most important side dishes to have with Indian curry is cucumber salad, where you can get chopped cucumber, tomatoes, spices, and lemon juice. All these things mixed adequately with each other will give you a tangy taste that will enhance the overall flavor of your curry.

2- Cucumber Mango Salad:

If you love adding a tangy taste to your meals, try out this cucumber mango salad with chopped cucumber and raw mangoes. Some people also make chutney of these two items combined, which they can directly add to their curry or eat with chapati.

3- Curry Lime Fries:

If you have tried every Indian side dish and want something new, we suggest you move forward with curry lime fries. Although most people think that this side dish is deep fried, but in reality, the fries in this dish are baked, which makes it a healthy option for you.

Potato fries are mixed with different sauces as per your preferences, along with some curry leaves.

4- Fried Onions:

Are you visiting an Indian restaurant to try out some curries in the rainy season? If yes, try out friend onions as a side dish known as Pokada in India. This dish comprises onions, besan, and some spices mixed and then deep-fried.

You will fall in love with this dish’s exceptional flavors and crunchy taste.

5- Turmeric Rice:

In most places, people try out regular rice with curries and other such Indian food items, but if you want to add a healthy alternative, then you should move forward with turmeric rice.

Although you will not find a huge difference in the taste, adding turmeric to rice adds nutrients and healthy vitamins, which will help you get a good health.

6- Indian Fried Mushrooms:

If you have already tried out Fried onions and want to opt for something new, you should select Indian fried mushrooms. You will love their soft texture from the inside and the crunchy taste from the outside.


Side dishes enhance the overall taste of your Indian food items; you just need to select the best side dishes for yourself. Get in touch with Asees Indian Restaurant to try out the best side dishes and Indian food items.

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