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A dinner table is a special place where you take up bread and cheese with your kids or enjoy the ultimate dinner with your family and close friend. Whether you are hosting a wedding reception or an informal birthday party for your kid, the table setting plays a crucial role in the restaurant’s decor. Therefore, you should know the proper table-setting etiquette for every occasion. Having perfect knowledge about table setting attracts the customer and also handle embarrassing situation.

Different setups of restaurant table

Table setup in a restaurant is the placement of plates, glasses, napkins, mats, etc. We should know different categories of table settings according to the occasion.

Fundamental table setup

If you are alone and unwilling to eat heavy dinner, you can take pizza for a single person.

  • Begin with an accessible setting of the table
  • Set up the tissue paper above the left panel of the dish plate.
  • Above the tissue paper and a dinner fork, settle down the dinner knife to the right of the table.
  • Finish with the water glass above the dagger.

Informal Table setup

Suppose you want to set up your table for weddings, birthday parties, kitties parties, etc. The informal table setting requires several utensils for setting up the table.

  • Utility of tissue paper and place it under the fork.
  • Add the soup spoon under the knife’s right; a salad fork is optional. If you want to choose it, you can place it above the left panel of the plate.
  • If you are eating with your family then place the dish plates to the right above the table.

Five-course table set up

Whether you serve your guests or it is a five-course dinner. The buffet dinner setup is perfect for customers who want their Indian food. The customer table has the necessary utensils, such as spoons, forks, plates, etc.

  • When guests pick up the plates in the buffet system, there will be no charges or service plate table.
  • You can stack the tissue paper on the buffet table as well.
  • Beginning of the table, place the salad pale first.
  • Similarly, keep the dinner knife above the right panel of the plate.
  • Water glasses should keep on the above plate.

 Early meal table set up.

Pull out all the stops for a formal, five-course feast, which consists explicitly of soup, salad, fish course, main course, and sweet dish. First, start with the proper place setting steps outlined above, then:

  • Add a Champagne flute further back behind the white wine glass.
  • Place a sherry glass closer to the front, ahead of the red wine glass.
  • If you’re grabbing a fish course, add a fish fork between the salad and dinner forks and a fish knife center the dinner knife and soup spoon.
  • To top it off, include a name card on each place setting.

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