Indian Spices

Indian spices: Alleviates the Indian cooking

Indian culture is extremely diverse and different. Indeed! The way it stands out and has its methodology makes it exceptional. One of the integral parts is Indian cooking, known to get love from around the globe. It’s worth pointing out the fact that Indian food gets extreme love whether you talk about order Indian food online or prefer to dine in at the Best Indian restaurant in Sydney. But, what’s the reason Indian food gets so much love? Well, the method of Indian cooking, as well as the combination of various Indian spices added to the dishes, make it stand out.

There’s no denying the fact that Indian food has gained a lot of attention around the globe. And that can be noticed in the increasing demand for Indian Food in Sydney for various events. Indeed! The toothsome and quality meal it is can be easily judged by its increasing demand.

Fun facts about the Indian spices

Here are some of the cool facts about the Indian spices that are worth noting down upon:

  • Black pepper, an integral part of Indian cooking, got huge attention back in the 4th century BC. That time, it was called black gold.
  • India got discovered in 1492 by Vasco de Gama, and then pirates began with spice importation. And that was when spices got a lot of attention, and it was more valuable than gold.
  • In the 18th century, America dealt with Indian farmers to get spices.
  • Salt production started in India around 500 years back. There was a time when soldiers paid salt for their hard work, ‘Salary.’
  • Red pepper works like magic for those with Vitamin C deficiency. Red pepper has more vitamin C than lemon. Moreover, it has some amazing antioxidants helpful for overall health.
  • Turmeric is a quintessential part of Indian cooking. Whether you talk about lentils, rice, or vegetables, turmeric helps to give that yellow tint to the food. Not just that, it offers health benefits and works effectively against Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Fenugreek helps to make lactation better. There’s a possibility that it changes urine, and your sweat can smell like maple syrup.
  • Saffron is one of the most costly Indian spices. The highest production of Saffron is in Kashmir. It’s effective because one single strand holds enough benefits to give that amazing color to the dish. Its honey-like aroma is the perfect choice for an Indian dessert.
  • Cumin, another Indian spice, has an exceptional taste and aroma. Cumin changes the taste of the specific food you wish to make.
  • Cardamom is another popular Indian spice. Be it tea, rice, or any specific dish; cardamom gives the meal a fresh flavor and aroma.

Final word

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