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One of the best things about going to another country is getting accustomed to different cultures and food. They try out different and unique cuisines that are very new to them.

Each day is like an adventure for them and their palette. But no matter where you go or what you try, it is pretty evident that you will miss the familiarity of Indian cuisine. All those pizzas, bibimbap, sushi, and french onion soup sound dull when you crave the taste of home.

We understand your dilemma, and hence we are here to help you by presenting the list of the best Indian restaurants in Sydney that you should visit whenever you crave the authentic taste of Indian cuisine. Experience the best fine dining while enjoying the simplicity of Indian cuisine.

List Of Indian Restaurant That You Should Visit

Are you missing the authentic and comforting taste of Indian Food in Sydney?

If yes, then your hunt is over! We have curated a list of Indian restaurants that actually serve the traditional Indian dishes that you are missing. From the flavors to the atmosphere, everything is very desi and real.

  • Asees Indian Restaurant

Let us start with our gem- the one and only Asees Indian Restaurant. If you are craving rich Indian dishes packed with infinite flavors of spices and herbs, please visit them. Let me tell you one thing; you will not be disappointed. They are number 1, and for a good reason. To sum Indian food is a simple dish that has complex flavors. And Asees Indian Restaurant has mastered making your comfort food delicious and homely.

From their butter chicken to dal makhani, each and every dish is packed with so much love and affection. Asees Indian restaurant is located at 52/54 Crown St, Wollongong NSW 2500, Australia

  • The Grand Pavilion

Another great option for you is The Grand Pavilion. It is also a famous Indian restaurant that is highly known for serving exceptional services to its loyal customers. Do visit them if you want to quench your hunger with delicious Indian food. They make authentic meals that would make you crave more. No more missing home when you are at The Grand Pavilion.

  • Cholas Indian Restaurant

It is not easy to forget the taste of India, especially if it holds so much power and nostalgia for you. The flavors of spices and exotic herbs will always stay with you no matter what. It is not just a restaurant; it is a whole community that helps you meet people with similar tastes (PUN INTENDED).

  • The Grand Bukhara

If you want something that will give you a taste of modernity and richness, then your final destination should be The Grand Bukhara. They are a group of organizations that believes in serving the best-tasting Indian cuisine that is rich, creamy, and pretty impressive.

No matter where you go, quench your hunger for Indian food. You should always enjoy the food and the taste with affection and respect for the food.


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