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Indian cuisine consists of several food items from a wide variety. Hence it becomes challenging for customers to order the best & most appropriate Indian food in Sydney online.

If you are someone struggling with the same issues, then Asees Indian Restaurant in Sydney is here to help you out in selecting the best Indian food item for you to order.

Read this blog until the end to learn everything about those must-try Indian food items.

Best Lip-Smacking Indian Dishes To Order Online In Australia

 The list is long, and we know your hunger and urge to eat tasty Indian food is increasing. So let’s directly jump on the list of food items to try:

1- Chicken Tikka Masala:

The first Indian food item you should try is chicken tikka masala. In this dish, firstly, marinated chicken is adequately roasted. Later, it is cooked in a curry so that the curry taste indulges in the chicken, and the final taste feels amazing.

2- Madras Curry Lamb:

Here is the second Indian food item from the list, Madras Curry Lamb, in which lamb is cooked using the traditional cooking style with the help of raw spices and many curry leaves. The overall taste of this dish is also different from normal lamb dishes, and if you love South Indian dishes, you will fall in love with this food item.

3- Butter Chicken:

Butter chicken is a Punjabi dish consisting of many flavors, spices, butter, and many more such things. The chicken in this dish is cooked in a buttery style and is soft. If you love trying Punjabi dishes or want to try them out for the first time, then butter chicken is your must-try option.

4- Garlic Fish:

If you want to try out soft fish with a different taste of garlic and other spices, then garlic fish is a must-try option. First, garlic fish is made using garlic-based marination. Then, with the help of garlic’s taste spread around the fish, you get exceptional flavors to try out.

5- Palak Paneer:

If you are looking for the best Indian food item in the veg category, then Palak Paneer is the right option. In this dish, you would get the raw and thick taste of palak and the creamy taste of paneer.

Both these flavors combined offer outstanding outcomes.

6- Vegetable Korma:

Vegetable korma is one such Indian dish that not only offers amazing taste but you also get the benefits of various vegetables. So, if you are looking for a veg Indian dish, vegetable korma is the perfect option, as it can offer you different flavors of various vegetables.


There’s plenty of variety in Indian food items, and selecting the most appropriate option based on your choice is crucial. We hope you were able to know about the must-try Indian dishes to try out at Asees Restaurant in Australia.

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